06 October 2012

The Final Straw

by Bill McMurdo | CRO Contributor

Rangers fans won’t like me for saying it but the Rangers Revival Train has well and truly hit the buffers.

Saturday’s shock(?) defeat to the bottom team in the Scottish senior game was the last straw for many of the light blue legions.

Fan forums have, alas, delivered the damning verdict that what is transpiring on the park is light years beyond unacceptable for followers of Scotland’s biggest team.

Some supporters are even saying that the defeat to Stirling Albion is the worst in Rangers’ history.
If it isn’t, it is certainly down there with the worst.

Stirling Albion had lost their last five league games prior to the visit of Rangers and the team manager was absent at his own wedding.

So much work has been done off the pitch to rebuild Rangers Football Club.

The fans have played their part by buying season tickets and supporting the team through thick and thin.

Charles Green has done an excellent job of fighting Rangers’ corner against the corrupt cabal ruining our game, as well as restoring Rangers’ jaded commercial viability.

But on the park, the woefully inadequate performances served up threaten to seriously impair the progress of Rangers FC.

Something must be done and quickly.

Ally McCoist will always be a Rangers legend, both for his time as a player and his stand for the club in its darkest days recently.

But McCoist has lost the stands, never mind the dressing room.

I wrote recently that one or two more bad results would see Coisty under the most severe pressure.

We are now in that nightmare scenario.

It seems that the playing and coaching staff don’t yet grasp that the only way to treat the lower divisions is to go out to annihilate teams.

Neither giving them too much respect nor turning up expecting them to roll over will crack it in Division Three.

Rangers players must have instilled in them the killer mindset.

These wee teams love a game and are determined to give Rangers one. They will treat any weakness or arrogance with disdain.

To a lot of these players, playing Rangers is the game of their lives.

And they want to be legends in their local boozers in thirty years time as the local boys who downed the Mighty Rangers.

Ally McCoist must be aware of this. If he isn’t, he better learn pretty fast.

Last week Rangers scraped a victory over Forres Mechanics.

This week they have had their hair scalped by the lowest rung team in senior football.

Again, those of a bluenose persuasion won’t like me saying this but it’s true:

Rangers are the laughing-stock of Scottish football.

And no true Ranger will deem that acceptable.

Bill is a regular contributor at the CRO. He can be found on twitter at @WilliamMcMurdo and via email at bmcmurdo@coplandroad.org