03 October 2012

What in the hell's going on around here?

Well, after some consideration (and a few beers) we've decided to merge the CRO into a single blogging platform. There are a couple reasons we decided to do it now:

1) Every story on CRO had to be posted twice - different formatting, different platforms, different everything. It was getting a little old. Jux, for all the nice and pretty things it did, was not very friendly to mobile users. It sucked up your data, and if you were on Android you just weren't getting it. Since 52% of our readers are using mobile devices we went ahead and launched the CROlite site which has done it's job, so well in fact that we kept the new mobile site exactly the same except for the new header.

But CROlite also created the double-posting issues, which we've needed to ditch because...

2) We have promoted Andy McKellar to Deputy Editor!!! Which means he gets no more biscuits than previously. However he does have to run the Twitter sometimes, hop on facebook, keep producing content, plus edit and post stories. So, with that in mind, it fell upon me (Shane) to either teach Andy how I do all this, or just make it easier for both of us. We decided on the latter. We hope you like it.

The Oldco CRO web-based site will be available for a time via the link at the top of the page. As of right now every story from 1 September forward has been moved to the new site. Once we have everything migrated over it'll be coming down, and a few more beers will probably be consumed at that time. Jux has been good to us, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes that sort of thing in a blog.

Feedback of course always welcome. We always like to hear from our fans. And welcome back to the Copland Road Organization: One of the better half-decent RFC blogs on the net.

-Shane Nicholson | CRO Executive Editor | shane@coplandroad.org