28 November 2012

The Minority Rules

by Scott Ferguson | CRO Guest Contributor 

Gasps of horror!

Mouths open in disbelief!

Hooped shirts drenched with cold sweats!

An impossible nightmare became a reality … and I don’t mean Freddy Krueger.

For many the world ended a little earlier than the Mayans had predicted when the long awaited result came in…

… Rangers had won the Big Tax Case!

Suddenly the haters and enablers were thrown into the twilight zone with that familiar music ringing in their ears. Doo Doo Doo Doo!
‘Quick! Someone save us from this!  This can’t be real….nooooooooooo!!!!!’

‘To the RangersTaxCase website!  He will have the answers. He always has the answers!’

‘Holy virtual shredding Vatman!  It’s disappearing in front of my eyes!!!!
Alas, this panic didn’t last too long as the usual instigators came to the rescue.  It appears Rangers only won by 2 to 1…phew!

Apparently this wasn’t a victory. The logic I’m sure you’ll agree is baffling but I’d be lying if I said it surprised me.

It seems the reasoning behind this is that a 2 to 1 decision in ‘these cases’ is highly unusual.

‘These cases?’

If only we had known that there had been so many precedents set for EBT Tribunal battles between HMRC and football clubs. I must have missed them all.

But, wait, wasn’t I told that HM Revenue & Customs were treating this as some sort of ‘test case’ with Rangers Football Club and the Murray Group playing the role of the guinea pig?

Now, the same people who told us we should never question the decisions of esteemed law lords in any manner of tribunal have now decided that that is indeed utter bollocks and have now began doing so, at great length and with great enthusiasm.

Thanks to Dr Heidi Poon, the only member of the panel who incidentally is not a lawyer, the great obsessed are still largely living in denial.

Given the complete ignorance of the majority opinion it does indeed seem that the minority rules.

In the process of ignoring the opinions of the majority many are now instead revelling in the opinion of someone who was paying such close attention to things that she has subsequently awarded Rangers a ‘UEFA Championship’ which, according to her, resulted in six of these sub-trusts being created. Quite remarkable isn’t it?

Thank goodness the entire fate of the Big Tax Case wasn’t decided by her understanding of the offside rule! N.B. The CRO legal team have advised me to state that this comment is not sexist in any way, shape or form...honest.

Alex ‘Tomoblog’ Thomson became the latest to jump on the bandwagon of denial when he released his latest entry whilst sitting sipping coffee at Starbucks after returning from a successful spell in Gaza where his Vodafone network signal seemed to serve him rather well.

Mr Thomson claims that Rangers, who were all but guilty whilst under appeal, can now NOT be considered innocent on the off-chance that there may be another appeal by HMRC. Again, the logic is completely baffling but we should be used to that by now I suppose.

Oh, and now Rangers FC are wholly responsible for a library being closed in Govan apparently. Thanks for that insight, Alex.

I foresee that in the months that will follow the usual suspects will continue to spread this nonsense until the minority belief once again will become the majority opinion. Contrary to the official decision, the majority will again begin to believe that Rangers are still guilty. This will at least continue until the Kangaroo Court under the SPL banner reveals their decision.

If Rangers are deemed innocent I’m sure at this point they will apologise and admit their mistakes, won’t they? Okay, probably not. 

What is more likely is that they will continue to push their agendas until enough people believe in the minority. There would appear to be science behind this, an art of convincing so many that the truth is not what we have been told and not what the facts continue to tell us.

A few years ago at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, a study was conducted by scientists into how a minority opinion becomes a majority one.

“When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas. It would literally take the amount of time comparable to the age of the universe for this size group to reach the majority,” said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer. “Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame.”

So, once 10% of the population becomes committed to an idea it is highly likely that it could eventually become the opinion of the majority.

The key it would seem is to stay committed to your ‘opinion’. And they undoubtedly will. What other choice do they have - admit they were wrong? Will they say they are sorry and show contrition?

None of the above is likely.

Our only hope is to continue to fight those that appear to want to blacken the name of our club at any cost, regardless of any facts that get in their way.

Every Rangers fan needs to stand up and be counted and ensure that the truth comes to the surface.

A good starting point would be by adding your name to this petition:


Those that have used underhand and potentially illegal tactics to attack Rangers Football Club need to be held accountable.

Only when the majority are on board will the haters and enablers be discredited and finally silenced.

Scott checks in at the CRO and with our friends The Rangers Standard from time-to-time. He can be found on twitter at @st2oh