22 November 2012

The Truth

by Peter Ewart | CRO Contributor
“A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”
Winston Churchill

Lies are quick because they are easily made up. And they are so often made up purely to hide the truth. Eventually however they catch up with the liars and those trying to conceal the truth will do one of two things – repeat the lies in an attempt to get people to accept it as the ‘truth’ or alternatively they will provide a stubborn wall of silence. They will never ask questions, nor will they field them. Questions are troublesome to liars and are therefore ignored or deflected because questions are trying to get at the facts. And the facts would reveal the truth. You can’t make them up. And if you do try and make them up, people see through them, eventually.

This is what we have witnessed throughout the troubles at Rangers. The truth has been and to a large extent still is elusive. The lies, misinformation, manipulation of fact and propaganda have come thick and fast from Rangers-haters over the past year and more. It has been almost relentless.

 This narrative was apparent at last week’s Celtic AGM. Truth-teller Britney tweeted:

 “Punter at Celtic AGM calls Rangers/EBTs scandal ‘the biggest fraud in the history of sport.’ Whooping and clapping greets his remarks. .”

 As it turns out the punter may yet be right, but most definitely not in the way they meant. In any case the propaganda had done its job. Fantasy had become fact. It was never questioned, simply repeated and repeated time and time again.

 For some it was too easy to believe because they desperately wanted it to be true. Eventually many others believed - other clubs’ fans believed, even some journalists believed it or least didn’t question it. We were cheats. We were tax-dodgers. Even some of our own fans began to believe it. We had put together an illegal scheme and owed millions to HM Revenue & Customs.

 The EBTs though were never illegal. Yesterday, at long last, we finally discovered that we never owed millions in tax regarding our use of Employee Benefit Trusts. It was a phantom debt.

 The problem with lies is that they are very difficult to keep going. Those that want the truth will keep asking questions and when they do you’d better remember your story. You need to be consistent in your fantasy and that is very difficult to keep up, particularly in today’s electronic age.

 You can delete a blog, you can delete an article but the electronic footprint lives on much longer than you could imagine. In the end it is easy to tell the truth because it happened and easy to forget the lies because they didn’t.

 It isn’t for me to tell you what the truth is. You can tell the truth from the facts that exist. And in this case there are plenty more facts still to be established.

 Ask yourself: who shouted loudest and cried repeatedly that we were cheats, that EBTs were illegal, that the club was dead and their version of events could never be questioned? And who are still shouting?

Who changed their version of the ‘truth’ as they went along and in particular since the FTT decision went in Rangers favour? Some of the ‘truth’ rather appears to have disappeared., coincidentally I’m sure.

Which journalists were asking the pertinent questions? Who have been afraid or unwilling to seek the truth? Why weren’t the right questions being asked of the right people?

You can draw your own conclusions. I started with Churchill, I shall leave you with George Washington:

 “Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light”

 So keep asking questions until you get there. We’ll be asking them too.
Peter is a regular contributor to the CRO. He can be found on Twitter at @Seasider06 and via email: pewart@thecoplandroad.org