20 November 2012

You, journo, no more from you

by Shane Nicholson | CRO Executive Editor

What a day. As has been said all along, the 140 years of unbroken history and unmatched success that is Rangers Football Club will carry on unscathed, even if those at the helm of the headlines still refuse to take heed.

Today brought the long awaited vindication of thousands of Rangers supporters screaming out for someone with a notebook to listen, those in the journalistic upper class of Scottish society, and those who have injected themselves into it uninvited.

Today their pens carry no weight, as their word has been bought and sold repeatedly by liars and discredited professionals of all walks of life.

For you, the journalists who sold tickets for this kangaroo court via your hateful and uninspired brand of “journalism”, shame on you.

You, Britney, your duplicity knows no bounds. You got on Clyde today and pleaded no contest to charges you had pinned Rangers as guilty on the advice of the one with 3-10 names and the failed lawyer's “award winning” blog. You mocked anyone who dare point out to you that they could in fact be wrong; in fact, there was every chance that they were. You peddle vindictive lies about how our support has become more dangerous as a result of the actions taken against our club. You pretend to be one of us when it suits you. Fuck off.

You, Gravy Boat, today you tried to bury an “apology” in regards to your accusing our glorious away support of singing a tune that’s not found its way into the song book for many years. You spewed forth some of the most venomous bile I’ve ever seen from someone who’s paid to entertain and inform the general public. If you worked in the States you would have lost your job long ago. Fuck off.

You, Tomo, are lucky that you’re spending the day in Gaza or Syria or wherever the fuck it is you claim to be. For if it was the case that you had readily available access to a keyboard and a reliable internet connection there is no doubt you would be stumbling all over the pile of bullshit you have gradually built via your “reporting” over the past months. You sympathize with terrorists, value your sources above human life, and have almost single-handedly rekindled a nasty and unnecessary element of Scottish football. You are dangerous, with no regard for what your dishonest and immoral take on something only loosely resembling classical journalism has done. Fuck off.

You, the dozen or so other journos I’ve had many conversations with via email in the past months, you who ignored and shrugged off when I tried to point out repeatedly that there was a bigger story at play here, that you could make your career meaningful if you were willing to ask basic follow up questions, that you had sitting in your lap the biggest story of your life but instead you chose to continue peddling the lies and misinformation of anonymous bloggers, fuck off.

You all bought into the hype stirred up by social media. You wanted to believe it could be true so bad your ignorance and disregard for fact became comical. Even today, you couldn’t possibly wrap your head around it that your web of lies was crashing down. You spent nine months building up some form of intellectual equity on a subject you knew little about, and relied on people hiding behind avatars for your information and insight into it.

You delighted at the thought of dozens of people at Ibrox losing their jobs. You trolled employees and fans of the club with your “Newco Rangers” headlines. You are complicit in this low-ball attempt at the social engineering of a country. If there were any justice, you would all be fired tomorrow.

Sadly, you all cashed checks on the back of this, as did your editors. Some of you even won awards for regurgitating the lies and innuendo. You are supposed to be objective observers of the world around you, and watch dogs for the public without your access and sources and reliable information. You became puppets of a dangerous underclass in Scottish football and society, all the while decrying good Rangers supporters protecting the integrity and history of their club as being nothing more than common criminals.

You should be out of a job, your bosses, too. You are not journalists; you are con-artists. You work in a world where your word is your livelihood, and you have given that up. And for what? What’s your grand reward at the end of the rainbow? We are still alive, stronger than ever, and we’re not going to stop coming after you until the day comes that you can do no harm to any set of football supporters ever again, not that any single one of you would ever say such things about any supporters but those who back Rangers.

Today we won, like we always have, 140 years and counting. If you’re not used to it by now then you never will be. But if you want one fact to take into your next column or investigative exclusive or hate-filled tweet to a football fan let it be this: Rangers then, Rangers now, Rangers forever.

Now fuck off.

Shane is the big boss man of the CRO. He can be found on Twitter at @ofvoid and via email: shane@thecoplandroad.org