18 December 2012

BF1 information, as we get it (newest info at the top)

-via email: "I'm a ST holder in BF1, not affiliated with either group, and I thought I would give my account on the actions of the police tonight.

"The first I knew there was trouble was when I seen around 20-30 UB members running up the back of the section only to be followed by around 15 police who had a look of aggression in their eyes as if they wanted something to happen.

"As it transpired the UB started making their way back down the front of the section only to be met by a wall of police on the stairs pushing, shoving and manhandling people as they walked down the steps. This resulted in people falling over into the rows, causing a crush of people which could have potentially caused a major accident.

"I was one of the members who followed the UB lead out of the ground as I backed their stance, I'm in row J so I was further behind the initial trouble in the concourse so can't comment on what happened there. However when I eventually made my way into the concourse I was met by around 30 police making a barricade around the food outlet and within their guard was an older UB member who was being cuffed by the police. Not 1 or 2 police but around 7 or 8. It was totally over the top and not needed at all.

"I made my way round the back of the police trying to get to the toilet however I was met by over-zealous police who were pushing me about, I'm 6ft2 so I stood my ground to a certain extent and eventually managed to push through to get to the toilet. Whilst in the toilet I heard the noise increase and there were songs directed at the police being aired. I quickly made my way back into the concourse.

"As I walked out I was subjected to more police brutality, both directed at myself and UB members. The UB lad I earlier mentioned was being held on the floor by 5 policemen with a further 2 standing over him. Totally unnecessary. He wasn't fighting back before I went into the toilet and so I see no need for the brutality he faced. At this point I also seen another UB member in cuffs, the boy in question looked no older than 16-17 so having 3 policemen restraining him was totally over the top. A farce. Disgusting to see.

"There were around 200 people there protesting at the treatment these fans were facing however the police didn't take to kindly to being videoed and started waving their truncheons at anyone in sight. I seen children much younger than myself, 12-15, being struck by the police and being pushed about by the police. As I was walking out calmly a policeman pushed me on my blind side and I moved slightly, I turned to ask him why and try to explain I wanted no trouble and I would make my way out quickly. I was then pushed into a wall and struck with a truncheon lightly to get me to hurry up. I felt this was way over the top. I'm lucky I was big enough, and heavy enough, not to be harmed too much from this brutality from the police however there was younger teenagers not as developed as myself who faced the same brutality. A 6ft5 policeman pushing a teenager to the ground as I was out the ground being one incident I remember. To make matters worse, as I was walking away the police charged fans on horses which prevented fans from walking on the pavement."

-Plenty of reports from the BF1 and surrounding area of batons coming out.

-Reach out to the CRO and let us know what you saw: info@thecoplandroad.org or via twitter: @Coplandroadorg

via twitter
-via twitter: "sit in bf3 went to loo,in foyer policeman was cracking his stick towards fans.cop looked well seething n up for lashing out"

-via twitter: "I saw a wee guy get hooked from a police officer just as the melee broke out at the pie stall, I was with my 7 year old"

-Still a lot of half-info and whatnot trickling in. We're going to try to keep it slow until we can verify some of this and get it square for you guys.

-via twitter: "I counted 7 police vehicles and umpteen Stasi on horseback and on foot when leaving BF1 tonight."

-via twitter: "Fucking shambles. Canny justify the scenes in our section tonight. Police brutality at its best. Trampling over fans and throwing punches."

-You can send info, pictures or video to info@thecoplandroad.org or via twitter: @Coplandroadorg

-A lot of mixed info coming in from all over the place. Trying to pin down what's what.

-via email: "ST In BF1 and UB member.  Police grabbed a guy and tried to arrest him, few boys went to investigate and ask why, they suddenly stormed us all and that was when we decided to all walk out and they just started lashing out at anyone who was within range.  A video floating around of police tackling a young boy to the ground and few others getting hits in on him."