29 January 2013

Alex, mate, seriously?

by Shane Nicholson | CRO Executive Editor

"This would clearly involve a massive and unprecedented re-writing of club history, re-engraving of a lot of silverware, and Rangers would be saddled with the reputation of being the biggest cheats in football history – in sporting history."

I probably shouldn't, but I can't help it.

For one thing, the "biggest cheats" not just in the history of our sport, but all of sport? The hyperbole, even for you, Alex, is laughable. You do know we were bought out of the first Champions League Final, yes? Or that little bit to do with Juve? You are familiar with this man Lance Armstrong from the little known state of Texas? Ben Johnson? The Black Sox? We could go on...

I had an interesting conversation with an old friend the other day who pointed out a very simple truth in this case: any footballing agent — any — could torpedo this entire kangaroo court in a matter of minutes. But of course career suicide is not often best practice.

Because you see, Alex — friend, buddy, pal — we've moved on from Rangers being "guilty" or "not guilty." We're now talking about administrative errors, or portions of contracts left un-notarized, something done with every single football club around the world, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not, but certainly universal.

Setting aside that the independent and impartial overseer in our case is neither independent or impartial, the simple truth is that a wee look through the contracts of the 12 clubs of the SPL would uncover some dark little secrets. Administrative errors that would make your head spin. Pages and clauses left un-initialed. Think of the state of it!

Biggest cheats ever? Please, Alex, for your sake, stop with the rhetoric. It's not doing you or the facts of this case any good.