01 February 2013

Low level paper gatherer(s)? Indeed, Mr McKenzie

by Shane Nicholson | CRO Executive Editor

So was Harper Macleod’s Rod McKenzie in fact a “low level paper gatherer,” or was he directing an army of such folks to do his and his bosses’ (handlers’) dirty work?

Signs, as you might imagine, point to the latter.

Word has it the worker bees at HM spent time mulling over every single contract for every Rangers player since the 1980s, scrutinizing every last little detail, looking for anything that could drive the knife into our back.

Little bit different story than we've heard so far, isn't it?

No, folks, Rod was not slaving under candlelight, picking through boxes of documents and stacks of paperwork last fall. He had a whole army of summer students and trainees to do his “paper gathering,” tasked to find the smallest bit of minutiae in any contract of any Rangers employee all the way back to the time of Souness to layeth the hammer down, and all for what? To strip titles his precious bhoys in green couldn’t win from us on the pitch.

Roddy, mate, your little fantasy land is crumbling around you. Your sure thing
a guilty verdict in the HMRC case just disappeared before your eyes. How quickly was Peter on the phone that day, making sure you knew just how important it was to bury us in the LNS hearing?

Is it you who will foot the bill if and when this ends up in a court of session? It’d be an awful shame for your friends at the SFA and SPL
not to mention your close mates on the other side of town if UEFA and FIFA took a keen interest in this sordid affair again. I hear they don’t take too kindly to such matters finding their way to outside jurisdiction.

Maybe you should’ve made your wee deferment an indefinite proposition.