26 January 2013

Rangers Not So Super But Ally Still The Man

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Editor-at-large

Rangers fan forums are buzzing after another poor display and very disappointing scoreline against Montrose at Ibrox.

Many fans are now openly calling for Ally McCoist and the management team to be cleared out. Arguably this is a bit harsh, given that Rangers have a massive lead at the top of the Third Division.

The reality is that many Rangers fans believe that the standard of play is unacceptable. The general consensus seems to be that Rangers have the players who could hold their own in the SPL but are making heavy weather of beating the teams in SFL 3.

It certainly doesn't help things when those who criticise the team or those who demand a higher standard of effort and performance from those who don the famous jersey are labelled as "Ally-bashers."

A lot of harsh words are being bandied back and forth between those who are frustrated by the team's level of performance and those who want to give Ally more time.

At the extreme edges of both factions are those who will never rate Coisty as a manager and those who would stick by him if Rangers lost every game for ten years under his leadership.

It's all a bit sad and a disappointing that the team should be under-performing when many other things are going well for The Rangers. It would be a whole lot worse, however, if the prospect of promotion was in peril because we were lagging behind in the title race.

The uncertainty surrounding reconstruction doesn't help. Rangers will win SFL 3 by a considerable distance but SPL proposals, if accepted, could render the title win a hollow victory as Rangers would still be playing the same teams in the bottom tier next season.

This time spent in the lower leagues is an ideal time for Super and his team to build a great team that will surge through the leagues back to our rightful place at the top of Scottish football. Sadly, the football style is puerile and any philosophy that is present is either hiding well or massively wanting.

There are few watching Rangers with even a modicum of football knowledge who see in this team the makings of a potent footballing force. The individual skill is there but the team is just not gelling. I am sure that McCoist, McDowall and Durrant see this as we all see it.

The great mystery is why they are not taking radical action to do something about it.

Before even the Ally faithful begin to lose heart, it is hoped I am sure by the vast majority of bluenoses that Coisty and his coaching colleagues solve this mystery to everyone's satisfaction.

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