10 January 2013

Scottish Football's Bad Education

by Andy McGowan | CRO Contributor

We are apparently living on borrowed time. After all, the world was supposed to end last month, remember? Okay, so the Mayans in their infinite wisdom may not have been right about the now overdue Armageddon but I bet even they could have told you the proposed solution of 12-12-18 is complete and utter fucking nonsense.

Over 90% of fans in Scotland don’t want it. We have overwhelmingly and emphatically rejected the Austrian abomination of a system but we may well be treated to it regardless and, to add insult to injury, Stewart Regan has informed us that the vast majority simply don’t have a clue what we are talking about. In a dramatic twist, it would appear that we are the ones in dire need of being educated about Scottish Football.

It’s kind of like ordering a meal at your local restaurant and being sent something you are allergic to. And when you inform the waiter of this mistake he simply tells you to shut up and eat it anyway because he knows better about your dietary requirements.

Most of us are still struggling to comprehend just quite how Mr. Regan still has a job. Perhaps the education that is really required here is for someone to teach a member club just how to propose a vote of no confidence. But fear not, the cricketer has the answers.

Yesterday he stated:

"I think there's an educational exercise that we need collectively to go through. We'll be working very closely with Supporters Direct in order to make sure that those messages are delivered. Fans have spoken about a 16-team league but one of the underlying points made for that is because they'd like to see more games. In reality, a 16-team competition delivers less games than the proposal that we're examining at the moment for 12, 12 and 18."

Anyone feeling more relaxed yet? No, me neither.

So there you have it. Apparently we need an “educational exercise” in our own game from someone who has bumbled his way from one calamity to the next. Most of us have been following Scottish Football for decades but it would seem that an Englishman we adopted from running a cricket club knows best. Regan has been in his job for five minutes and for about four and a half of those fans have been calling for him to be removed.

He also proceeded to lie about the reason fans want an increased league and rather glossed over the financial self-interest behind the current proposals. We want a 16-team league because we want to play each team twice instead of four times a season. It seems rather simple: 16 x 2 = 30 league games a season, assuming of course you don’t have split or 3. Yes, Stew, I can do maths and I do know it’s less games. You genuinely wonder if the SFA actually read the questionnaire responses before they fire them through the shredder.

There is a silver lining however with the SFA’s promise to work closely with Supporters Direct. I am sure everyone there is very much looking forward to a meeting with Mr. Regan where, for the  duration of the discussions, he will have his fingers in his ears screaming “Nanana I can’t hear you” before claiming he was insulted and walking out half way through, again.

Anyway what do I know? It’s not like I’ve been following Scottish football for almost 20 years or have a season ticket at the biggest club in the country is it? I obviously need an education. Thankfully Stewie has a very impressive one: he has a PHD in being a fucking mongo.

So from now on, please show Dr Regan some respect. Thanks.