26 February 2013

Are Rangers winning the Propaganda War?

by Scots George | One of our friends at Do the Bouncy

A Fan's Voice piece, with our mate Scots George from our sister site Do the Bouncy chiming in with some quick hitters out of the past week.

After the CROpod TOMOINTERVIEW, I got round to considering how far we've come over the last 12 months, at least in terms of the Propaganda War that's been waged against our great club. The fact that Tomo actually relented and gave an interview to explain his anti-Rangers bias was another major step in this ongoing war, and indeed it is a war!

Now there were many gains that we can take from the Tomo interview, not least the fact that although he must have expected the "Orlit carry on" to be addressed, Alex choose to skirt over it and then actually started to interview Bill. Realising his mistake, Toxic then broke in with a rather sarcastic, "Come on, Bill, really!"

Despite his insistence that "all's well down Govan way," Toxic still managed to get in a few jibes at the financial stability of the new company with snippets like, "please don't let it happen a third time," and, "supposed £22 Million share offer". So he's still showing that bias, but it just adds to the pleasure of having him openly admit that the Club’s history is intact.

So Toxic is still that, despite his recent epiphany over our history and the good governance of our club, which may well be short lived on his part!

Back up in Glasgow, Britney was doing his best to expose the ingrained "succulent lamb" culture with a rather eloquent piece on the GB's right to offend everyone, including Septic FC's own board and supporters.

This own-goal by the now despised Britney was nothing more than you would expect from someone who gave Tomo the lowdown on "succulent lamb" journalism for his first blog on the Rangers, after all, he was there and claims he happily "signed his pact with the devil".

Since the Rangers board, the Rangers supporters and the ever slippery board of Septic FC now want nothing to do with him, it's no surprise that this hack would try and worm himself in with the Ultra's of Septic FC.

Next he'll be singing his own version of Super Rangers with the emphasis on "No one likes me, I don’t care!"

That leads nicely onto the next member of the Motley Crew, namely the disgraced lawyer, who was puffery and plumage at being allowed back into a court room.

No mention was made of the supervision order or the miners families who lost out on much needed compensation, nor the loss to the treasury when his company went belly up!

No, it was business as usual and back to the old blog "Random Ramblings" for another attempt at smearing the newco, this time over the supposed loans used to buy the assets of old co. I'm sure he'll have enough disclaimers on that article to cover his butt.

Seeing as he's now a practicing disgraced lawyer (under supervision) we'd best leave well alone, after all, his long and dreary ramblings do work as a sedative.

The place of honour in this month's travails go to "the Bigot from Donegal" who upon hearing that he'd been thrown under the bus (by none other than Tomo himself) rushed to congratulate Alex on his "Television Journalist of the Year" award. While at it he also tried a reverse pass and hinted that Tomo and him had discussed this prior to the interview, over a nice cup of tea!

The last mention goes to the most sensible of the whole lot. The Biased Broadcasting Company’s very own Mark Daly, who managed to pick up another award for his hatchet job on Rangers.

Shame that it took the BBC's "poster bhoy" only 7 minutes to tell his first lie on that one. But as we all know lying in order to kick the Rangers when they were down is acceptable journalism.

So there we have it, the Motley Crew are not having a good time of it!

Unfortunately, Rangers have scored a few own goals of their own, so far nothing major.

But with anyone and everyone now knowing that kicking Rangers for anything will get copy space then they are almost unnecessary to the back pages at this point.

Charles Green dropped a clanger when he used the Seville calculator on the number of season ticket holders who did walk away; he must be more careful in future!

While the supporters and the Club were undoubtedly let down by the chanting of a vocal minority down at Berwick, swift action to identify and ban those who seem to believe that this is acceptable will hopefully send the correct message on this one.

All in all it’s been a good start to the new year, and with Rangers now only a couple of games away from the title it will hopefully give Ally the chance to test some of the youngsters in a more competitive setting.

As for the Propaganda War that rages on and probably will do for years to come, with the Motley Crew being discredited with each new blog then life may settle down sooner rather than later.

Take heart fellow bears the war is not over, but we are now fighting back and winning more than we lose!

Scots George is a regular poster at our de facto forum, Do the Bouncy.