01 February 2013

Keep Calm & Stay United

By William Cahill | CRO Guest Contributor

We bitched and moaned when Murray and his minions didn't listen to our voices and shrugged us off.

We were then fed steady doses of lies and deceit when Oscar-nominee Craig Whyte was in town.

Now why oh why do we have fans buying briefs for tomorrow's Scottish Cup match away to Dundee United?

Charles Green, the first suit at Rangers in a long time who has listened to us, fought our corner and gave us the opportunity to buy into our club. He took fans' advice into consideration, refused the allocation we were given at Tannadice and the very least that we can do is to return the favour and listen to what he has to say.

The good man knows only too well that any boycott will financially hurt Dundee United much more than it will Rangers. That's probably why he could even afford the luxury of donating our share of income to charity.

He knows that they need our money but also that, more importantly, we simply don't need theirs.

Worryingly, though, word was going around Ibrox last Saturday that it's actually Celtic and Aberdeen fans that have purchased tickets for the away end at Tannadice.

Would we be very surprised at all if that turned out to be true? I most definitely think not.

I heard this being discussed in the Govan Stand during our dismal 1-1 draw with Montrose. It would appear that Dundee United are selling seats to anyone who can provide them a name and an address. It’s the very height of desperation, if anything. The safety of those in attendance rather seems to have been disgracefully ignored.

No Rangers number is required, no photographic ID is requested and  it would appear that there have been no background checks into these alleged fans. Given the over-policing of football in Scotland, it's quite amazing that this has been allowed to go ahead.

I strongly urge every true Bluenose not to attend this match.

Charles Green and Ally McCoist have both been very vocal in their support of this boycott. We should be gathering behind them as one, showing solidarity. We should not be breaking rank and going against their wishes and those of fellow fans.

We certainly should not fill the coffers of a club who wished Rangers dead last summer. I therefore find it hard to believe that anyone can justify attending.

The team would perhaps perform better with our fans, the greatest support in the world, behind them but the last year has been about much more than just the football.
We will be there in spirit, if not in voice, as made evident by the wonderful banner that was unfurled during our last home match.

So, go to the pub on Saturday to watch the game or stay at home and catch it on Sky Sports. Not a Sky subscriber? Visit a friend or a family member who is.
There will even be many supporters in various suites inside Ibrox cheering their team on while paying our club for the privilege. This option has proved to be very popular and understandably so.

Whatever you do, do not pump your hard earned cash into Thompson's grubby little coffers.

If you are from Dundee and support Rangers then by all means walk down Tannadice Street and tell the TV cameras and local rags exactly why you are not attending.

Be heard. Be loud. Be proud.

But more importantly, be unified.

Together we are Rangers!