28 February 2013

LNS coverage

We will, of course, have complete coverage of the LNS decision and fallout, including (we hope) a special edition of the CROpod and maybe some media appearances here and there for your enjoyment.

At the moment, we'll point your attention to this little passage, and leave you to draw some conclusions:

[98] Meanwhile, BBC Scotland came, by unknown means, into possession of what they described as “dozens of secret emails, letters and documents”, which we understand were the productions before the Tax Tribunal. These formed the basis of a programme entitled “Rangers – The Men Who Sold the Jerseys”, which was broadcast on 23 May 2012. BBC Scotland also published copious material on its website. The published material included a table containing the names of Rangers players, coaches and staff who were beneficiaries of the MGMRT, and how much they received through that trust. It also listed the names of people where the BBC had seen evidence that they received side-letters. This event appears to have been the trigger for more activity in response to the SPL’s request.