02 February 2013

No More Nice Guy, Ally

By Bill McMurdo | CRO Editor-at-large

There's no doubt in my mind that it's a hiding to nothing commenting on Rangers' on-field performances this season.

You criticise the lack of heart, fight, talent and fitness on display and you are an Ally-basher and thus a pariah to the Ally loyal, some of whom would not flinch if Rangers never won another game with Coisty in the dugout.

On the other hand, you look for positives and you are a fence-sitter and scared to say what many feel is the increasingly bleedin' obvious - Super Ally will never be a super manager.

It's easier to blog on off-field stuff - and there is so much of it that you can do an Ian Black as a blogger and hide from the fray, while acting big and tough.

Rangers fans are frustrated and rightly so - frankly, the team is playing pish poor football.

From a purely footballing viewpoint, things are looking dire right now as it will be almost a year before any additions to this squad can take the field. And that isn't the real problem.

Ally's comments about his team being young boys today just don't float. Collectively, Dundee United's team was younger and Rangers had a team of mainly SPL players in light blue today. In any level of football, 3-0 is a bit of a skelping and Rangers cannot point to Dundee United being high flyers at the moment. The reality is that we looked like a Division Three team today.

Those who claim that this is what we are know nothing about football. Yes, we play in Division Three but we are surely more aspirational than that?

The forums are buzzing yet again with "Coisty must walk" talk. Worryingly even for uber fans of the man, the opposition to this is meek and ominously quiet.

If I am being honest I thought there were spells in the game where Rangers played okay and took the game to Dundee United. We lost bad goals at bad times but it has to be said the defence was shocking. Wallace was the stick-out for us and Hutton had a decent game. Little put himself about but Templeton was a big let-down today.

The red cards were both needless. Black's jokey performance going off the pitch should produce a fast ticket back to painter's overalls for this plastic hard man.

The debates about the management will rage on, no doubt.

And quite frankly, I don't intend tonight to stoke the fires and call for Coisty's head nor am I going to champion his cause. So it's a fence-sitting night for me. I always take it sore when we get beat but the realist in me says that we have much bigger concerns on our hands right now than the matter of progression in the Scottish Cup.

I will actually never call for Super's head anyway. Which is not to say that I think criticism of him has been unfair.

To sum up my thinking, it is this: If Ally McCoist can find the killer instinct he had as a player and put it into his management, you would never again have to read articles like this.

I well remember the majority of Rangers fans thinking Ally McCoist was a dud as a striker. We watched him prove those doubters wrong - even if he did still miss a lot of sitters!

I am sure every Rangers fan reading this would be even more delighted if Coisty turned things around as a manager. Despite what all the doubters say, he does have the players.

The question is: Can he make them a team?

Which leads to the 64 million dollar question: How bad does Coisty want to succeed as Rangers' manager? Because developing the killer instinct means getting rid of the nice guy.

That is the price to be paid by Ally McCoist if he wants to walk in the footsteps of Struth, Symon, Wallace and Smith.

Bill can be found on Twitter at @WilliamMcMurdo and via email: bmcmurdo@thecoplandroad.org