26 February 2013

The CRO Stirling Albion v Rangers live blog

We're gonna give this a try and see how it goes. Boss man Shane here to lend my thoughts and abject observations of the SFL3 matchup tonight on the plastic pitch at Forthbank.

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Just waiting for the kickoff here, listening to the soothing sounds of Tom Miller.

STIRLING ALBION: Crawford, McCunnie, Forsyth, McClune, Allison, Bishop, McAnespie, Ferry, White, Flood, Johnston

SUBS: Filler, Cunningham, Ashe, Davidson, Thom

RANGERS: Alexander, Argyriou, Cribari, Hegarty, Wallace, Naismith, Black, Hutton, Templeton, Shiels, Little

SUBS: Gallacher, Crawford, McKay, Sandaza, Faure

REF: Graham McNeillie

-Lee Wallace still with the captain's armband the night.

0:00 - And we're away! Hopefully some exciting football since I'm stuck inside watching the blizzard move in here in Northern Illinois.

1:00 - Tom tells us Neil has 15 clean sheets on the season, which sounds a lot like Dean Shiels' 12 goals. Naismith earns a early free kick. Ian Black trying not to fuck it up.

1:30 - And he sends it about 14 yards from goal into no mans land. David Templeton hacked down, and we surely won't see a card here.

3:00 - First corner as Rangers are pressing high, taken short and put into a dangerous spot. I'm trying to make this sound good.

4:30 - Word is McCoist starting Naismith on the advice of @iEmpire_Andy

6:00 - Kal Naismith making all sorts of trouble out there on the wing already. The linesman was looking inside the box, free kick given just outside. Wallace freekick goes flying over.

8:00 - SHOCKER! Our defenders are caught flat-footed and staring at one another on a floated ball into the box.

9:00 - Templeton with a bit of magic that ultimately goes no where. Looking lively on the wings, though.

10:00 - Not too excited to see the first ball from the fullback trying to pick out Little on the deck from 30 yards. Hutton needs to get involved early.

11:00 - Nice stuff down the left wing before Ian dumps off to nowhere. Reset.

12:00 - That last one should've been "12:00"

13:00 - Looking well dangerous down both flanks as Stirling Albion pack it into the middle.

14:00 - Freekick for Albion put into a pretty good spot there but headed over. Getting a little sleepy at the back already.

16:00 - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLL Andy Little with #22 as the keeper was looking good to get sent off there. Beautiful run from Little in behind and a perfect ball through to match.

- Little has made a good number of runs early.

18:00 - Temps trying to create something from nothing there and nearly does so. Looking lively early after a quiet show the weekend.

- Amazing what happens when you keep playing your best striker as a striker, isn't it?

20:00 - We are fucking hopeless defending freekicks and corners.

- See, the thing about Craig Burley is he'll make a point, and then he'll just keep making it.

22:00 - I think all that was on the SA marker board tonight was "Kick fuck out of the cunt with the #11 shirt"

22:00 - Ian Black needs to stop pretending like he can take a free kick.

23:00 - If McCulloch comes back and goes straight up front I'm going to sell all my worldly possessions. Little is brilliant. Following corner played to nowhere in particular.

25:00 - Is this cunt hacking down Templeton a tim?

26:00 - Our wingers are apparently free game.

- See, the thing about Craig Burley is he'll make a point, and then he'll just keep making it.

27:00 - Ian Black just about made something out of nothing there, good secondary run.

28:00 - Tom tells us "Neil Alexander will look to launch a ball." Do we really need to preface that?

30:00 - Dicking around and not clearing a freekick, SA with a half chance from the edge of the 18-yard box.

32:00 - 50-yard diagonal ball into the third row.

33:00 - Original CRO Contributor Bill Ferguson chimes in: @bferguson4 Coloured nets are a big no-no. That said, other characteristics of these nets are ok. A 5/10, nothing more. I'm being kind.

34:00 - It's getting a little sleepy out there.

- See, the thing about Craig Burley is he'll make a point, and then he'll just keep making it.

36:00 - In other news, it is straight up snowing like mad outside here. And that last shot from Phil Johnson may be landing in my front yard any time now.

39:00 - Temps and Shiels combine to win a corner. Bouncing around and comes back in for another one! #excitement

39:00 - These training ground bullshit corners and freekicks need to stop.

40:00 - Fantastic stuff from Little and the Greek out there. Too bad the guy wearing the #9 shirt is anything but a striker.

41:00 - Lee Wallace misses a big one there. On target, son. Get it on frame.

42:00 - Kal Naismith whistled for a foul for being on the receiving end of a rugby tackle.

44:00 - I'm really not sure what point the fans there are trying to make tonight. "Let us sing about the Pope or we're not going to sing at all"?

45:00 - Fucking dire, and then a decent chance for SA right here on the break.

- See, the thing about Craig Burley is he'll make a point, and then he'll just keep making it.

HALF TIME - Andy Little, and... yep. Stirling Albion 0-1 Rangers

@aldo1872 Good goal from Little. Some nice touches but we should be creating a bit more, as per.

@iEmpire_andy Well eh...that was shite! Still finish 6-1 tho


@vodkaman67 at least we r winning

- @Phily_1973 I shouldve bought the match These text commentaries are shite

@brodiebear2012 Not a bad 1st half Wld like 2 see @dtempleton89 get more of the ball,he can turn defence inside out.Good goal @AndyLittle29

- @jayjayem65 Cheeseburger

- @NeillyJ Black and Hutton not controlling the pace of the game. 100 mile an hour. DJ loves Naismith. Good left side link up play.

- @niblomusic did I really hear Bill say "Phil McGoblin" in the Tommo interview? Lol (editor's note: No comment.)

- I believe this marks the first time we've officially offended a reader with our choice language. Whatever you do, never ever EVER listen to a podcast. Ever.

- CRO Contributor @Seasider06 having some issues at the burger stand at Stirling Albion: 'Any burgers left?' 'Aye one cheeseburger' 'I'll have that' 'd'you want cheese on that?' Fuck me. SAFCvRFC


46:00 - Stirling Albion make a sub, no one cares.

47:00 - Andy Little makes a dangerous run, cuts back, no one home.

- Why doesn't every team have a long throw specialist by now? The way they interpret the laws just about anyone can fire a ball 30 yards on a line.

48:00 - Andy Little's One Man Show, tonight in Stirling.

49:00 - Hassle from the peanut gallery: @Phily_1973 "Stirling Albion make a sub, no one cares." @CoplandRoadorg put your back into it man...

51:00 - We are fucking awful at defending freekicks. Absolutely shit. Do we even train on corners and freekicks?

52:00 - Sorry, but that is fucking embarrassing and has shown no improvement from the first match of the season.

54:00 - We can't execute or defend a freekick with any sort of consistency.

- See, the thing about Craig Burley is he'll make a point, and then he'll just keep making it.

- In other news, near-whiteout conditions here at CRO HQ as over two inches of snow has fallen since kickoff.

56:00 - Ian Black needs to stop pretending like he knows how to strike a freekick.

58:00 - Temps plays in the first decent corner of the night. If we get one good one out of 25 freekicks McCoist must be pissing himself in joy.

60:00 - Andy Little is the only player in light blue who looks alive on the pitch.

61:00 - I'm going to predict nothing comes from this freekick in a dangerous area.

- I win.

- See, the thing about Craig Burley is he'll make a point, and then he'll just keep making it.

62:00 - Little again, Temps couldn't find the mark under pressure.

- Sorry that we're making you keep hitting refresh. We'll sort this out better for the next time.

65:00 - This is fucking dire. How do we forget how to string two passes together in 30 minutes or less?

66:00 - 30 to 50 yard diagonals and long hoofs up the pitch. THIS is entertainment.

66:00 - What the fuck...

68:00 - Seriously...

68:00 - The Andy Little Solo Show continues, nearly makes it 2-1 after dispossessing the defender and rounding the keeper.

69:00 - One passage of passable play from Rangers there. Shiels hacked down by an elbow, three officials don't see it.

71:00 - Tom Miller sarcastically refers to Shiels as a "Northern Ireland striker."

72:00 - McKay looks ready to come on. This game needs him desperately.

73:00 - Anonymous Temps off for McKay, Sandaza on for the invisible man.

- See, the thing about Craig Burley is he'll make a point, and then he'll just keep making it.\

74:00 - Sloppy as fuck, nearly leads to a break for SA.

75:00 - McKay tries to make something out of nothing from 25 yards out. The fuck not?

76:00 - Defense sleep walking this whole game. "Shambles" doesn't do it justice.

78:00 - Corner comes to much of nothing, and Ian Black does his best Zidane. And that HAD to be a penalty on Naismith after a clearance off the line.

79:00 - Dual yellow cards: The ultimate sign of an official who's not really watching what the fuck is going on.

80:00 - We've lost the plot and the officials have come along for the ride.

81:00 - Snow now at three-inches.

82:00 - Professional football team being outplayed by the ultimate bottom dwellers of British football.

- If you want to chip into the cap, we've got a Paypal deal setup for the CRO right here.

84:00 - If we lose to these fucks again I'm going to go lay in the street.

85:00 - Shameful. And the ref now looking for the Man of the Match award.

86:00 - I may just type "WTF" every 60 seconds until this is over.

87:00 - Our Andy McGowan opines that the players should refund the six quid for everyone that paid for this. I can't say I would argue that.

88:00 - Anyone want to pretend like this is okay?

89:00 - WTF - Lee Wallace hacked down, no foul. Weak foul on the edge of box, Hutton acts a child, suspended for the next match now.

91:00 - This would be one of those times that I'll point out I've consistently bitched about our style of play (or lack thereof) all season, and the fact that we are fucking dire on freekicks at both ends.

92:00 - All we need now is a late red card.

93:00 - The Andy Little One Man Show, but still 1-1.

FULL TIME - Two trips to Forthbank, one point, McCoist to come out and say they must be better but of course they won't be. Spend 20 minutes on freekicks, Ally. Please. FOR FUCK'S SAKE, DO IT!

Andy Little the only bright spot. That was a fucking embarrassing show. Players should pay back fans out of their salaries.