31 March 2013

Away Days

by @pamelaRFC | Guest Contributor

Congratulations to everyone involved at Rangers on winning the SFL3 league title. To the players, the staff and especially all the fans who have supported them at home and away games.

There's enough written about coaching and the youth by yours truly in my previous blogs, so this blog is dedicated to the supporters.

I always smile when I see the #awaydays hashtag on twitter. Supporters travelling through and across the whole of Scotland to follow Rangers whilst on their jaunts. Travelling to places called Elgin or Annan (where?) both miles away© from Glasgow.

Circumnavigating for three or four hours to see Ally's 'Blue and White army' playing on pitches situated in a little village or between houses or in someone's back garden. Hey, if they play on the streets we'd watch them there and we know it. Right?

World records, small grounds bursting at the seams, bouncy's that last for 90 minutes. It even infected Jenny the mad-dancing Elgin burd. Remember her? I think Chuck Green calls it 'Rangersitis'. She might have been something else though but I digress...

Standing, jostling, bumping and supporting and what's more singing out into the ether to anyone who'll listen (usually ESPN viewers). Soaked, hated, vilified and cold; but through thick and thin, in the best of times and the worst of times. The fans were there. 

We are the greatest fans in the world, let the facts and experiences tell you so and do not let the angry mob tell you differently. I think, despite the poor performances we have endured, we also can say that it was sometimes an exhilarating experience being in SFL3.

I live literally hundreds of miles away© from Ibrox but I have never been prouder to be a Rangers supporter nor felt closer to it in the realest sense. I bet I'm not the only one. With my support I have to rely on internet; as in reading blogs, being active on Twitter and listening to podcasts. Which takes about eight hours a day

Rangers is our club, the people's club. We Are The People. Not some of us, but WE ARE THE PEOPLE. All the fans!