26 April 2013

Green, Ahmad, and a seemingly endless stream of connections

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

First off, the people asking for clarification on "sources" or whatever else you want in relation to The Rangers Standard's and our own reporting on Imran the other day, I don't know what to tell you beside take it at face value and move on. If you don't believe it now then you never will. But let's get down to brass tacks, shall we?

The links (tentacles, if I may) connecting Imran, who we all must know now was the man that put this deal together, and his Zeus-related investors don't string a long line back to Octupus and therefore Ticketus. It's been common knowledge for a while to people who've taken the time to pull that together, and I acknowledge them silently here.

My first indication of any shady dealings involving the acquisition of Rangers by Charles Green, et al came during a rather innocuous conversation during a round of golf late last summer with a friend "in the know," if I can steal that turn of phrase back from Imran for a moment.

This was not a man aligned with either side of the Old Firm in any way whatsoever; just a person whose career is in finance and investment, and whose paths had crossed with x and y at various places while our whole storied ordeal was being carried out in the red tops of Scotland.

He was the first one to mention a "loan" to me in regards to Green (and I'm just going to use Chuck's name as a placeholder from herein for the parties involved in the takeover) from rather covered places that was used to facilitate the purchase of Rangers.

His thoughts were that the loan had been procured, or at least set up, by someone close to the business dealings of our former owner, Craig Whyte, and that the loan itself had originated from circles close to the Ticketus hierarchy, which includes a rather precarious link to MetroBank, a name a fair few people digging around these parts surely uncovered long ago.

Now, there are a load of implications and information to unload here, but they all become a bit redundant when it gets down to the crux of the matter: Who were the people orchestrating the Green takeover of Rangers and why? Taken on the whole, and given the revelations of the past few days, it becomes a bit more visible if you care to take a look.

To be clear, I'm not implying that Craig Whyte has any sort of legitimate claim on anything pertaining to the Club. Worthington Group's recent involvement I would suggest is speculative at best. They're taking a flier on making some cash on the backside of a deal, one in which they have very little to lose.

But the facts as I see them paint a rather shaky ground upon which Green and his friends came to take hold of Rangers, from the financial mechanisms employed to complete the deal to the obtuse efforts by the local Duff & Phelps branch to ensure a "satisfactory" outcome was attained by their client, Craig Whyte.

What we've got is Shyster v. Shyster when it comes down to it, and it's not pleasant viewing for anyone who's taken the time sketch it all out. But I hope, finally, in the coming weeks we'll have a better picture of how this all came to be.

And just to be clear, I don't feel this will impact Rangers on the pitch in any sort. If I did, I'd have written it months ago. But Green and Imran and their backers have a case to answer to the SFA and various other investigators at this point, including the pending BDO court case against our administrators.  It's easy to play the game when it's someone else's money involved; not so easy when judicial outlets get their hands on deck.

I just hope come next summer we can spend time talking about signings and the rest instead of a myriad of off-the-pitch issues. I think we've a long few months ahead, friends. But we will pull through. We will come out the better. We will be Rangers, then, now and forever.

Every little thing's gonna be alright.