07 April 2013

If Green Can Call a Spade a Spade, So Can We

by Zappa | Guest Contributor

I've always been honest about what I think of Charles Green and said straight away when he arrived on the scene at a press conference with the Duff & Phelps chap Paul Clark, that I thought he was a bullshit artist and I didn't trust him. 

That was my first impression and since then I've tried my best to give the man a chance, but that first impression hasn't just been compounded, it's been multiplied by a significant factor.

Given the fact that Green is so open with his own opinions, I'm sure he would appreciate and accept that some of us out here reading and listening to his relatively constant stream of ill-conceived, poorly timed comedy failures and embarrassing drivel aren't going to hide our true feelings about his antics, so I think we should feel free to speak our minds as the man does himself. Fair's fair after all.

Taking that on board, I'll now go on record and say that I don't want this man to have anything more to do with Rangers and the sooner he leaves with his pockets full of the club cash he's allotted to himself (which we can't do anything to stop), the better.

My reasoning for this is that I think the man is not only a serial bullshit artist, but an uncontrollable liar who tells so many porkies and fabricated stories that he can't even keep track of when he's lied any more himself.

Taking that further, I don't see how any of us can be expected to take the man for his word, when his word can't be trusted. He doesn't even seem to be able to keep track of what's true and what's not true himself, so how any of us onlooking fans are supposed to decipher his truths from his lies is completely beyond comprehension.

To make matters even worse he's now admitted to being what essentially amounts to a conman. The fact that it's Craig Whyte (an enemy of the club) who Green admits to having conned with the help of one of his partners, Imran Ahmad, shouldn't be allowed to cloud the simple facts. It doesn't matter a jot to me that all of the prospective buyers last year would have had to deal with Whyte to try to secure his shares and cooperation, because there's a difference between having to do some kind of deal with Whyte and what Green has told us he and Ahmad did - which was con him.

The fact of the matter is that we don't even know if what Green has now been forced to admit is even the full truth. What he has admitted doesn't sit right with me at all as it is, but if I was a gambling man I would put serious money on Green not yet having admitted the whole truth as to what went on with his group's takeover of the club.

Further to that, I would also put money on what he's actually now admitted not being 100% truthful or honest. That's nothing but speculation though and I won't press on that any further than to say that I simply don't take the man for his word any more or trust him at all.

The next thing I want to address is that I don't agree with my fellow fans who are willing to overlook the serious issue of Green's credibility and trustworthiness simply because he, his partners and their backers secured a significant sum of 'investment' via the IPO. Yes, this is something he said they were going to do and did deliver, but I don't think we should look upon the IPO as being black and white as acknowledging that "they said they would do this and they did it" without also looking at the details.

The first thing I want to say about the delivery of the IPO investment is that I think any new owner could have done almost exactly the same thing. We're talking about THE Rangers Football Club here and the chance to grab a share in it while it had almost zero debt. Not only that, but the investment Green, his partners and their backers have obtained is far from being catch free. 

The looming prospect of dividend payments shine a completely different light on the whole situation our club now finds itself in and I think a question worth asking or at least considering is how much of that investment would have been obtained without the inclusion of dividends in the deal for investors?

I know for a fact that I'm not the only fan who's wondering about how much the club will actually benefit from the IPO cash and how much of it will go out of the back door at some point or even just mysteriously disappear in cute accounting. To my mind though, it's not just that IPO cash we should be wondering about either because for all intents and purposes I'll be looking at any direct benefits the club sees from that as a bonus. I think we should perhaps also wonder about the safety of new cash going into the club.

I'm not for one minute insinuating that Green and his colleagues are going to do a runner with £20m of season ticket money, but I'm certainly concerned about the so-called massive restructuring of the club. Is the 'restructuring' which has started at the club being done for the long-term benefit of the football club itself or are restructuring plans being initiated for the short-term benefit of the club's new owners and their jumbo-sized pockets?

Are we to believe the word of Charles Green when he tells us not to worry about it because he and his colleagues are trustworthy and only have the club's best interests at heart?

Who do we ask? Who do we believe?

[insert picture of hard working Rangers fans coming up the Clyde in a banana boat]

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