14 April 2013

Rangers - Why It's The People's Club

by @pamelaRFC | Guest Contributor

This piece is not about Charles Green, not about the manager and not about bad results or tactics. But about the club and their employees and players.

The last few weeks the supporters have been going through a uncertain time again. The chief executive and his words in the media, the league reconstruction, the manager's tactics and I do not even want to mention Craig Whyte's lies.

This and some other things made even me quiet on Twitter, the pro's and the contra's infighting. All we need is clarity. No words but deeds. Then we can move on and build on.

But, something this week made me smile. All the bad things were forgotten for a moment. It was Hernan Pacheco's visit to his beloved Rangers. Andrew Dickson already wrote a great article, Hernan living his dream, on the official site. Every time a picture was tweeted I thought yes, this is Rangers. This is the people's club. This is what I am proud of. 

Courtesy of Rangers.co.uk
I believe a lot of you got emotional seeing this picture. Hernan living his dream. I’m not going to write about Hernan's visit. But what the club has done for him is superb. Ally personally invited him for a drink after the match in his office, with players tweeting about him and wanting to meet him. He got the time of his life.

A personal Ibrox tour guided by Andrew Dickson and Rab Boyle, meeting the players and yesterday he and his wife Carla were bearing the flag before the match, in the middle of the pitch. This all made me happy, and proud to be one of the Rangers family. 

Because, no matter how much grieve we get, and how much personal struggles some of us have to deal with, if we see this happiness, it makes us realize that this is what we live for. I want to make a big compliment to the club, the employees and the players, for doing this for a special fan.

We have some things to laugh at. That moment that the official Rangers Twitter account tweeted this picture of Ally McCoist and Kenny McDowall doing 'the Gangnam Style', at the 2-0 friendly win against Linfield.

Back to the world of Twitter. Here's some tweets from the players:

‏"@AndyLittle29 Enjoyed the game today with my mum + Dad. V.proud of the 50 goals me and @jiggymacc6 have managed together! Have a good night folks!"

"@jiggymacc6 Thanks for all the great messages,that's @AndyLittle29 and myself hit the fifty goal mark,first players to do it since super and hateley.wow"

"@lucagasparotto3 What a week! Unbelievable feeling making my league debut, and clean sheet! So close to scoring too! Thanks for all the messages everyone :)"

And the 16-year-old Danny Stoney who also made his league debut for the first-team:

‏"@Danny_stoney Thanks for all the messages it's appreciated!!"

And yesterday night, we got all cheered up by a picture from Lee McCulloch's big Jig. Seriously I am wondering now, how can a man run with that?! But the way our captain replied to the tweets was great. He took the joke and even tweeted back: "It was minus 3 degrees!" I was still laughing when I woke up this morning.

This article is meant to bring some positiveness and put the negative stuff to one side. There's maybe a bit too much negativity going about these days. Let's keep smiling at the bright things of life. Don’t get me wrong, I do have my worries about the club and the future. A lot. I’m not na├»ve. I just want to point out some positivity.

Rangers is our club. And I am proud of that!