24 April 2013

Re: The Rangers Standard exclusive on Imran Ahmad

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Far be it from us to sit back while our friends at The Rangers Standard get to have all the fun. If you've not read their piece on Imran Ahmad's ventures into the world of the RangersMedia forum, you definitely should.

For avoidance of doubt, we agree completely with every word in their article. Yes, some of the info was reassuring in terms of the ongoing Craig Whyte saga, but this is not the behavior that a member of the Rangers board should be partaking in, nor do we think it was Imran's first jaunt at RM.

A prior account that went under the name "In the know" had come under fire from various angles, with most people suggesting that it was our soon-to-be-ex-CEO Charles Green. We're here to tell you that we believe it, like the "IamRangers" account, was Imran divulging some pretty hefty information on the inner workings of the club.

We'd load this up with screenshots and everything like TRS did in their piece but RM appears to be pretty weighted down with traffic at the moment and the search feature has been disabled. However, here's a link to In the know's posts whenever it gets back to normal. Mind you, you need an RM account for that to work, or else you can dig around and find them just as easily.

We've tried to frame questions about the behavior and actions of certain members of our board as lightly as possible. It's hard for fans to hear the truth at times. But this is plain and simply unacceptable on any level, and cannot be shouted down loud enough.

We're not going to make a blanket statement about the actions that should be taken as a result of Imran leaking sensitive information about the business of our Club, but the next step at this point should be pretty clear to any Rangers supporter who's read the news today.

"IamRangers," indeed. No one man is bigger than the club, Mr Ahmad. We hope you've learned that valuable lesson today.