17 April 2013

Update: Chris McKenzie, Chris King, and all those other Twitter accounts

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Well, we had the return of The Atlantic Bear Mag to Twitter this evening, assuring us that Chris King was no longer involved, a good thing as he doesn't exist. However, the mag planned to carry on under the guidance of Robbie Gibson, who, as you may guess, doesn't actually exist either.

The many strands of an exceedingly large web of Twitter accounts, facebook groups, false persons, emails and more led back to two sources. At this time, Police Scotland have been notified of who we believe to be behind them.

We'd ask that the various forums and individuals looking into this as well not out anyone's name for their safety. Yes, this was stupid and reprehensible thing to do, but it should not be compounded any further.

And again, if you had contact with any of these groups and they have solicited you for money, please contact us at info@thecoplandroad.org and we will take the measures necessary to get that information to the authorities.