21 May 2013

Stewart Regan: How can it be?

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Headline: "SFA want answers over Ibrox takeover"

How cute.

Here's one I and many other Rangers' supporters have been waiting on since day one: How can it be that Stewart Regan is allowed to dictate his own narrartive?

What did the SFA know and when?

Why was the governing body of Scottish football so complacent – some might say complicit – in Craig Whyte's takeover?

It's no secret now that the SFA knew for up to eight months prior to administration that Mr Whyte was simply not paying the taxes on bills at our Club. Where were the proactive steps from our leaders then? Why did it take two months after admin for Whyte to supposedly be found out by the people paid to guard the integrity and standing of the game?

It was laughable when in late-spring the SFA told us that Whyte may in fact not be up to snuff to be at the helm of its largest and most important member club. Even more so when the less-than-shocking revelation that they knew he was a chancer for months prior to 14 February 2012 came to be.

Yet the very people who stood by while this charade played out, the very people who four months post-admin were still comfortably in their posts, some of them collecting tidy bonuses before the bank came calling, still with absolutely zero ideas of how to move forward, have still by-and-large been left untouched by the media at large.

How is it a media set out to do, you know, the job that the media is supposed to do, can allow Stewart Regan to say, "I can't believe after 12 months we are still talking about Rangers," without smashing down the doors of Hampden asking how he could have handled this abortion of governance the SFA have perpetrated any better?

I asked last August, when would a single journalist in the circles of the Scottish media step up and ask why this travesty was allowed to play out? The sad fact is they've asked more questions about poor old Dunfermline and Hearts that they've ever posed about how Rangers were allowed to be mismanaged in the full knowledge of the SFA and SPL to the near ruin of the Scottish game. (And there's still time on that, by the way. I hope you've got your accountancy books ready for the SPL full-terms.)

I said at that time that there wasn't a single member of the Scottish football media "willing to take the risk to tell the story that could make their career," and if not one of them is willing to grill the likes of Regan and Doncaster and their financial handlers today then I'm afraid that still rings true.

Some of them told me they simply couldn't write such tales, and even more still with the completely honest answer that selling horror stories from the halls of Ibrox turns far more ad revenues than anything resembling the truths built on the back of proper investigative journalism ever could.

It's a shameful state when one incompetent cricket man can bring a footballing nation to its knees, but a complacent and complicit media has allowed just that to happen – chasing headlines out of Govan in place of the true stories that lead to the formation of this ongoing circus.

Stewart Regan: the absolute horror of Scottish football still passed off as absolute truth. How can it be?

Because the media still allows it.