26 May 2013

No thanks, Charlie

by Andy McGowan | Contributor

As expected by anyone who dared do their homework properly - The Sun newspaper and Celtic bloggers of course not among them - Charles Green has been cleared and the club are satisfied there is no link between Rangers and Craig Whyte.

A predictable outcome made to look anything but by purposeful misrepresentation of the facts by The Sun and by Craig Whyte, the former refusing to even do the most basic of research into Rangers ownership structure because they knew the truth had nowhere near the same impact as the half-baked story cooked up by Craig Whyte. The Sun really is an odious little newspaper. 

Not content with their pound of flesh gained from the fantasy world of Whyte and Charles Green’s colourful (or should that be coloured) interview. Not content with almost two months spun out of a story that was at best a story with no substance when scrutinised The Sun got their final shot in by way of telling us that Craig Whyte has no link with the "new club". Not surprising behaviour from a newspaper whose crimes range from involvement in a plot to cover up the truth of the Hillsborough disaster to giving John Hartson a weekly column to kiss Neil Lennon’s arse, although he once did dare criticise Lennon and the following week had to write a grovelling apology/tribute piece to his ‘good friend Neil’ which gave me no end of laughs. 

So to sum up: Charles in the clear over Whyte claims to Rangers and The Sun found to be presenting unsubstantiated reports as established facts...again. These aren’t surprising conclusions as I discussed in my last blog on Charles Green and the media in Scotland. I, and many others fully expected Green would be cleared the only real surprise being that it took an independent enquiry to do so but no matter how we got there we have got there and have what I believe to be the best outcomes possible, Charles Green cleared and clear of Ibrox.

Agenda is a word often thrown at anyone who disagrees with a Rangers blogger. Whether it be criticising Ally McCoist, suggesting Malcolm Murray step down or outing Imran Ahmad’s forum exclusives there’s always an internet troll out there to tell you why you’ve chosen to write something and who you’ve written it for. Me? I was apparently part of ‘Team Green’ according to a few, the real sad part being that our board created such a situation where fans could even be accused of taking sides. 

But like the majority of Rangers bloggers the only team I am part of is Team Rangers and my only agenda is the hope that in some small way Rangers fans writing about Rangers gives fans a fairer account of what’s going on at Rangers. Something that I think we can assume now we simply won’t get from the likes of The Sun and the Daily Record. So I can hand on heart say I don’t want Charles Green back at Rangers.

I fully understand what Charles Green done with Craig Whyte and why he had to do it. I understand why he exaggerated his claims to make a point. I understood and supported him when he put some people’s noses out of joint in Scottish football. But what no one can excuse or justify is Charles Green's out of date views on political correctness and this alone was enough reason for him to be out of a job. I’ve seen some say it’s no worse than calling a Scotsman ‘Jock’ and that Imran Ahmad isn’t offended by it and that we shouldn’t be offended on his behalf.

I’ve been asked if I would use anything along those lines when talking to friends and the answer is yes. I have black friends, Asian friends, gay friends, Catholic friends, Protestant friends, tall ones, small ones, fat ones, thin ones and as with any close group of friends you often make jokes about each other’s appearance or beliefs or preferences. It’s not uncommon and it’s not malicious. But I’m not the CEO of a company that’s just been floated on the AIM for nearly £30 million and I am not talking to a national newspaper that likes to sensationalise things at the best of times. Even with a close group of friends you’d been on the arse end of acceptable to use the word paki or darkie so no, it’s not acceptable for the CEO of the biggest club in Scotland to use the term never mind in an interview with The Sun.

A good example is that of Andy Gray and Richard Keys who were sacked from Sky Sports for making sexist jokes about lineswoman Sian Massey. Most of us have made at least the odd stereotypical joke about women, and if you’ve heard the CROpod you know what I’m talking about, but then again most of us aren’t hosting Super Sunday on Sky Sports! It’s about awareness and behaving appropriately just like in the whole of the Universe things have far greater weight in some places than they do in others. Charles Green clearly wasn’t aware of the gravity of the situation he was about to put himself in and such fundamental misjudgements shouldn’t happen when you are running a company the size of Rangers.

From a supporters point of view we have got the best of both worlds; the club are comfortable in the knowledge Whyte has no claim to the iron throne of Ibrox and Charles Green is gone before his mouth was able to do any more damage than it had managed to do. In a crazy few months he had simply become intoxicated by the fans' reaction to his statements which in the beginning where mostly harmless and often about standing up for Rangers. The likelihood is that we probably haven’t heard the last of Charles Green as there’s much more to come in the Ibrox game of thrones yet but as for Charles Green CEO of Rangers - thanks for the job you done Charlie but coming back? No thanks.

Will he be back on the Rangers board though? Our survey says (sadly) yes…