29 June 2013

Why I renewed

New addition on the site Ross McAdam tells why he has renewed his Rangers season ticket for the 13th time.

For our friend Alister, in memoriam

by Shane Nicholson & James Donaldson

As many of you know a good friend and top member of the Rangers community passed away last weekend. Alister Campbell was a friend to many, a lot of whom never had the pleasure to meet him, and I count myself among them.

Alister was for a time a behind-the-scenes member of the CRO: proof reader and editor, bit of a researcher, man to bounce ideas off, a loyal reader of the site and listener to the CROpod. I remember being a bit annoyed one day that I couldn't give him a decent answer about our iTunes problems. I like to think the pod was a little bit of enjoyment for him over the past months we've been doing it. I never met the man, but I'll miss him.

James Donaldson got to know Al in his time with Seventy2 Mag. In our discussions of how to best honor the memory of our friend, I asked James to pen a brief remembrance of Alister:

As a pettifogging pedant of all things Rangers and Arsenal, Alister was an active contributor to a number of magazines, online fanzines, websites and more. 
He was a living Rangers-and-Arsenal encyclopedia. He knew everything, and if he couldn’t answer any question on the spot, he would have a book, a magazine, or a newspaper cutting to remind him. 
Although he was perhaps a bit of an acquired taste, the more you got to know him, the more you liked him! His humorous and quirky online persona was popular with many from within both online communities, and his passing was met with great sorrow by anyone that knew him, or knew of him. 
Without doubt, Alister will be sorely missed by both communities. 
A Teddy Bear, a Gooner, a friend.

The CRO reached out to a number of sites in the Rangers and Arsenal communities over the past week or so to come up with a way to best remember Alister and hopefully do some good at the same time.

He and his family chose a charity for his memorial, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, and after a bit of deliberation we all felt it best to simply direct everyone who would wish to take part in this little drive in honor of our friend to donate to their cause.

Please, take a moment, visit their donation page, and toss in a bit for a man who meant so much to so many people. A link will also be on the right side of the CRO homepage for the next couple weeks so please, feel free to direct anyone that way who wishes to take part.

Our best wishes and prayers go out to Alister's family in this time. We can't imagine what they're going through but we hope this stands as a small token in his memory.

God speed, Alister. You will be missed.

28 June 2013

John Irwin's nine in a row quest

by PamelaRFC | Guest Contributor

Who doesn't remember the successful Nine In A Row years of Glasgow Rangers?

It started in season 1988-89 under Graeme Souness, who was succeeded in 1991 by Walter Smith, and the ninth successive championship title was won in season 1996-97. In 1997-98, Walter Smith's last year as manager, there came an end to the glorious years.

The original Nine In A Row period came directly before and during the Second World War however championships during the wartime era aren’t officially recognised.

A few famous players of the Nine In A Row period are Ian Durrant, Davie Cooper, Ally McCoist, Paul Gascoigne, Brian Laudrup and Andy Goram but also so much more.

SPFL: Bring on the clowns

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

A new era has dawned: the SPFL is upon us.

You would be forgiven for thinking that next to fuck all had happened, and in truth it happened in Scottish football’s own inimitable own style. Not a lot done for much of the day at Hampden—a complete shambles once again, however fitting that may be.

The meeting itself did not start until well into the evening. For most of the day the SFL were taken through the ‘due diligence’ of the SPL that had mostly be lacking, led it seems by the Annan Chairman Henry McLelland who has made a habit of being constructively awkward by asking very sensible questions like Why would SFL clubs take any share of historic SPL liabilities?

But it was all fine in the end. Move along now, nothing to see here.

27 June 2013

Tom English’s apples and oranges

by Andy McKellar | Deputy Editor

Rangers Football Club is an institution, the flagship of our national game and it was inevitable that our financial collapse was going to prove to be the main story in the crazy little world of Scottish football. 

There was no heartfelt sympathy, there was no compassion. High horses were quickly mounted and moral high grounds were claimed in a period when the result of years of jealousy and envy was unleashed onto the watching world as all and sundry lined up for a kick at a fallen giant. 

We were cheats, we were tax-dodgers and we cost the nation hospitals and schools. Such myths and general conjecture were passed as being factual. The venom and bile with which our Club was attacked still lingers painfully in the memory and even time may not prove to be enough to heal the wounds which are still very much fresh in our minds. 

26 June 2013

The hive mentality of the Rangers-obsessed Dunderheids

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

It has been quite a while since I penned any sort of opinion piece and for good reason. My ‘opinions’ of recent would simply be unprintable.

However, having recently rediscovered a lost favourite word I now feel much calmer about things.

So, to the Celtic Blogging Community I give thanks for the bringing the word ‘Dunderheids’ back into my life.

Because make no mistake about it: ‘Dunderheids’ is exactly what every single one of you obsessed lot are. 

25 June 2013

Ally: you can't have everything in the aisle

Pic from rangers.co.uk

by Iain Nicol | Guest Contributor

32 players.

That’s how many we currently have in our squad, even after removing players with expiring contracts, Goian and Bocanegra. That’s how many we had when our manager, Ally McCoist, told us again today that we need more “bodies”. 

Not players – “bodies”. (I suppose that’s about all you can describe Craig Gordon and Andy Webster as, but that’s probably another discussion for another article.) 

24 June 2013

A year in the life

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

One year ago, as Rangers prepared themselves for life outside the top division, I simply looked on rather despairingly from the outside. I had a few posts on a couple of forums to my name, but by and large, my knowledge of the situation was relatively poor.

To me the internet was filled with nonsense that would never help anyone. Although that is partly right, part of it couldn’t be any more wrong. The deeper I got into what was happening online, the more I realised there were umpteen people who shared the same fears and anxieties as I did. It was also easy to see the people that did such a stellar job of defending the club, the brand and the way of life that Rangers Football Club is.

And hasn’t it been needed?

Counter: Gers should never accept Hearts' friendly wish

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Looks like a fair few of you got into James Donaldson's reasons for accepting a potential friendly with Hearts. If you didn't read past the headline it came down to footballing reasons; nothing to do with helping Hearts at all.

I can respect that notion, the fact that it could give some kids who are unlikely to see good important minutes this year under McCoist and buried behind two SPL-level players on the team sheet a run out. However, Hearts are unlikely to have anything near the side they do now so I'm not so sure it'll be any better competition than we'll see in SFL2 (where these kids should be playing anyway, but that's a whole other story for another day).

So, with that in mind, I'm here to present the counter to James' argument: there's no way in hell we should ever accept any proposal for a friendly not just from Hearts but from any of the nine SPL clubs who followed Lawwell's lead in ousting us knowing full well what it would mean to their bottom lines.

23 June 2013

Gers should accept Hearts' friendly wish

by James Donaldson | Guest Contributor

On June 21st, 2012, Vladimir Romanov made a “clear and robust” statement on the official Hearts website, saying “no” to Rangers staying in the SPL following the club’s successful exit from administration via the ‘newco’ asset purchase.

In case you need a brief reminder of ‘Mad’ Vlad’s “clear and robust” words, you’ll find some of them below.

Why we fight the battle, the Neymar edition

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

My how the bullshit doth flow when it comes to Rangers, no?

From the mind of the ill boy who thinks he is Irish there has been spawned a whole generation of Twitterbots and bloggers looking for any morsel of dirt they can possibly find on Rangers Football Club. The lesson is simple: even without facts, if you say something enough it eventually becomes "true."

20 June 2013

The Good Ship Rangers and a North American Voyage: The 1930 tour

Rangers take on Vancouver St. Andrews, 7 June 1930.
by Gary Havlin | @RangersFACTS

Before the dawn of the jet age, indeed before global air travel had even left the departure gate, the Rangers of the twenties and thirties had embarked on a tour of North America not once but on two occasions, in 1928 and 1930.

18 June 2013

Maslow's hierarchy of needs: CRO Update

Our own Andy McGowan has been working tirelessly on an update to Abraham Maslow's famed 1943 paper "A Theory of Human Motivation" based around the particular social climate of Scottish football. His revised proposal, "A Theory of Tim Motivation," has been submitted to multiple psychological organizations and journals for peer review.

We're happy to provide a sneak peak at the proposed amended Hierarchy of needs pyramid that accompanied Maslow's work. Hopefully the CRO will be creeping into psych text books the world round based on this groundbreaking research.

World Soccer Radio gets Miles Away

Our own Andy McGowan hopped on World Soccer Radio with good CRO friend Nick Geber for a chat about the state of Scottish football, what's going down at Hearts and what's happened at Rangers since Shane last made it on the show. Give it a listen and make sure you give Nick a follow.

13 June 2013

Renewed Momentum

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

It’s that time of year again – renewal forms are out and the close season is in full swing.

Well, I say again, but this year should be slightly more straightforward than last and once again fans will renew in truly remarkable numbers. A freeze to season ticket prices has been welcomed but it shows you what we have been through that some fans expressed a wish to pay more, given the kind of deficit we are currently running!

Renewal. It’s not even a decision. The vast will renew automatically. This is Rangers. No boardroom shenanigans will upset that. And it doesn’t matter who the opposition is either, that is mere detail. I have never once attended a Rangers games because of who they were playing.

12 June 2013

78 sad obsessed souls had their dreams officially crushed

Here's the bulk of the ASA's ruling. Sorry, Timmy. (Not really, just in case you plan to file a report on us, too.)

83 years ago...

Hat-tip to the fine Pothunting Twitter account for digging this YouTube gem up sometime last year. It's been hanging around in the CRO bookmarks folder long enough so we thought we may as well get it out while we're all sitting on our hands lately. Rangers v. Toronto Ulster United, from 21 May 1930.


06 June 2013

Rangers: EXPOSED

by Andy McGowan | Contributor

I don’t consider myself a brave man, nor am I a seeker or justice or truth like so many of my counterparts on other side of the Old Firm. But I can no longer stand by and watch the club I love be ruined by hate and bigotry.

As a responsible law abiding Rangers fan who supports his club through thick and thin I feel it is my duty to expose the secret truths of Rangers Football Club in a bid to cleanse it forever of its toxic elements. Although this may be hard and shocking for some of you to read, I am going to lay bare the truth behind some of the songs, statements and style of Rangers.

05 June 2013

Rangers: The unabated obsesssion

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Is anyone still shocked?

Can anyone claim to be amazed?

Does anyone who reads the CRO not expect to see headlines blaring the name of our Club every single day? Or the blogs of those seemingly obsessed with our every movement still trying to convince themselves and their followers that we no longer exist?

Maybe we don't exist to them, in some convoluted transposed way that they're still trying to wrap themselves around. We can't possibly be the same club, they say, yet they wail away at our world record title haul and our 141 years of unbroken history.

I mean, really, just think about: 78 poor souls so caught up in the delusions of people trying to pass themselves off as journalists (check their press cards) that they spent time filing grievances with the ASA over the marketing schemes of a club they will swear to their dying breath is dead.