24 June 2013

A year in the life

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

One year ago, as Rangers prepared themselves for life outside the top division, I simply looked on rather despairingly from the outside. I had a few posts on a couple of forums to my name, but by and large, my knowledge of the situation was relatively poor.

To me the internet was filled with nonsense that would never help anyone. Although that is partly right, part of it couldn’t be any more wrong. The deeper I got into what was happening online, the more I realised there were umpteen people who shared the same fears and anxieties as I did. It was also easy to see the people that did such a stellar job of defending the club, the brand and the way of life that Rangers Football Club is.

And hasn’t it been needed?

I can honestly say without a doubt at all that I do not know of a club that has been subjected to quite as much in the last year and a bit than Rangers have. Administration, an illegal transfer embargo, liquidation, dropping four tiers, vindication by a tax tribunal, widespread calls for the club to be stripped of titles; and that’s just the things that actually happened. 

How about the constant spray of inaccurate rumours? How many "administration days" has there been? How about the time the padlock was supposed to be placed on Ibrox and the club was looking to ground-share with St Mirren? There was even the time that Jimmy Calderwood ordering his Dunfermline team to lie down to Rangers ten years ago came back up. 

Up until this day, there is also a group of fans who continue to fight their battle to prove that Rangers are a new club. They’re convincing nobody. And most recently there has been the extremely unpleasant, heavily defamation-based and sickening attack on the Rangers Charity Foundation from an anonymous blogger.

And let’s not even get into the time Rangers and their fans were accused of being a bunch of supremacist “People” with neo-Nazi ideologies...

Undoubtedly, this has been an incredibly tough time to be a supporter of Rangers Football Club. As vicious rumours swirl around the internet, with some even finding their way into the press, the constant fire-fighting and putting to bed of rumours started by people who have the sole intention of hurting the club has been almost a constant struggle. 

Although most know better than to rise to rumours, who can blame some for reacting to rumours such as "administration is imminent" after everything the club has been through over the past 18 months? It is such a delicate rebuilding process that Rangers currently finds itself going through, that those waiting with a big stick to stir things up will never find a better opportunity.

That is why I've decided to accept the invite to come aboard the good ship, the Copland Road Organization. For one year it is a site that has provided a mixture of humour and well thought-out factual arguments in defence of the club. Credit to all those that have helped to build it up into one of the great defenders of Rangers that exist as a bulwark to nasty, hate-filled trouble-making. 

As long as blogs and websites exist for almost the sole purpose of dripping venomous hatred of Rangers, sites such as TheCoplandRoad.org will have such a vital part to play in defending the club. I most certainly look forward to playing my part in defending this fine institution that makes up a huge part of most of our lives.