24 June 2013

Counter: Gers should never accept Hearts' friendly wish

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Looks like a fair few of you got into James Donaldson's reasons for accepting a potential friendly with Hearts. If you didn't read past the headline it came down to footballing reasons; nothing to do with helping Hearts at all.

I can respect that notion, the fact that it could give some kids who are unlikely to see good important minutes this year under McCoist and buried behind two SPL-level players on the team sheet a run out. However, Hearts are unlikely to have anything near the side they do now so I'm not so sure it'll be any better competition than we'll see in SFL2 (where these kids should be playing anyway, but that's a whole other story for another day).

So, with that in mind, I'm here to present the counter to James' argument: there's no way in hell we should ever accept any proposal for a friendly not just from Hearts but from any of the nine SPL clubs who followed Lawwell's lead in ousting us knowing full well what it would mean to their bottom lines.

I wonder why we're the club of first resource for this... Was it not the Celtic board and their fans who said they would travel the country and fill every ground the past year? Maybe they got lost on the way and that's why they failed to fill either any of the other 11 SPL grounds or their own.

Fact is, I could accept going back to these grounds one day (I'm still very pro-boycott but of course that carries little weight as I've been boycotting these grounds for 29 years straight) under the condition that they come back on their knees: Public statements pointing out their own fiduciary failures, accepting that they were listening to 500 fucking weirdos in their respective supports shouting "NO to Newco" knowing full well their own "Newco" fate could be coming down the line soon. Most importantly, I want our status as the most important part in this two-trick show acknowledged and our place at the table restored.

I hold no real hatred for Hearts; possibly in a time 20 months ago I'd be more than happy to kick in a few bucks for them, as I think a lot of Rangers supporters would have been. But their fans, or at least the vocal contingent I interact with online, are fucking morons to the last and have gotten what they deserve. They were the ones baying loudest for our head on a platter; watching them squirm trying to grapple with their own hypocrisy has been some fun, I'm not going to lie.

So no, no to any friendly with any of them, not just Hearts. They knew what they were voting for when they hopped on the back of the trumped up HMRC bill, the mythical debt that put these wheels in motion. I've seen the trend of some accepting that the £70-130m tax debt, the Big Tax Case if you will, was horseshit and without it they wouldn't have to fill their days filing appeals to the ASA. Good for them. The first step is acceptance.

But still, fuck your diddy clubs, your board, your chairmen, the obsessed nutjobs you let shout down the reasonable ones in your support, the whole lot. When you want to apologize we can talk about helping you.


You wanted to prove your point that you could go on without Rangers; well, go on then. Sort it out. You're already robbing us of our TV money, have blackmailed the SFL into a merger of the leagues because you need the Big Blue Piggy Bank of Govan to keep your doors open, now comes the doorstep cap-in-hand act.

Don't worry yourselves with that. Just say you were wrong, say it loudly and with no question.

Then maybe I'll see if I have a fiver to toss in your coffers.

You can read James Donaldson's post right here.