22 June 2013

One year of the CRO – A message from Shane

On 22 June 2012 this popped up on your timelines. Some of you wisely chose to ignore it.

To our loyal followers, good cunts and worst cunts alike,

We're going to get the important stuff out first here:

Alister Campbell, a friend of not just the CRO but many of our counterparts in the Rangers interverse, passed away last weekend. He was a good friend of the site, tossing in ideas and helping me on more than one occasion when something needed edited and I simply didn't have the time. All of us here pass our condolences and best wishes on to his family.

I've been in touch with rep's from a few of the more familiar sites in the online Rangers community over the past few days in attempts to arrange a charitable fundraiser in Alister's name. I've also been reaching out to various members of the Arsenal online community to help us in this endeavor as Alister was of course quite the supporter of the Gunners too, and I'm glad to say the response has been very positive.

We hope to have something concrete in terms of the plans for this memorial to our good friend by the middle of the week so please stay tuned. A lot of people from the various corners of the Rangers' online community as well as our friend in London have been involved in discussions and planning of this; we hope it will be a boost to good causes for both Rangers and Arsenal, as well as celebration of our friend who was taken far too soon. God speed, Alister.

On to less important business:

Yes, the CRO has been here for a year, believe it or not. Bringing you bad parodies, smarmy blogs, dick jokes, Six-One, sexy crimes, lions, black stallions, UVF bake sales, elephants at parking meters, commentary on particularly feniany matters and groundbreaking social research. We interviewed both Craig Whyte and Alex Thomson and lived to tell about it, and we interviewed some people you weren't quite so upset with as well. And all the time we did it with a shit-eating grin on our faces.

Perhaps the most honest and succinct tribute came from our partners in crime, The Rangers Standard: "Happy birthday to @CoplandRoadorg - the brazen hussy of Rangers fan sites."

Happy birthday to you cunts, too. The card's probably lost in the holiday post. Or we never sent it. Blame Nando's.

We're sad to say our original host Jux has decided to call it quits. They were a hell of a platform and to the people there we wish them all the best.

But 12 months on and we've given you nearly a story or post or pod per day. All great? Nah, you probably could've ignored half of it and most of you did. But for those of you who didn't we thank you to no ends. If it weren't for the many who read our site daily and the many more who listen to the podcast every week we wouldn't be here. Thank you all, sincerely. It means the world.

As we kick off year two we're happy to welcome in Garry Carmody and Ross McAdam as permanent fixtures – "Contributors" as you will. I'll have their details on the About page soon enough so Timothy can add them to his address book.

Bill McMurdo's been moved on to Editor Emeritus status, a faithful servant to the Rangers cause and to the CRO itself but on to his own greener pastures. We'll have him back any time he wants, though. Mind that, Bill.

But Garry and Ross join our established lineup of familiar names: Andy McKellar, Andy McGowan, Alan Clark, Peter Ewart and our legendary part-timer of Scotland Tonight fame Chris Graham. Plus all the other good ones who show up occasionally either to tell shit anecdotes on the podcast or actually contribute something worth reading to the site. One thing's for sure: between the regular writers and our motley crew of CROpod voices we're going to keep bringing you the same high quality heavy bullshit we have for the past year.

And we're going to go ahead an announce the relaunch of the CROmag project, one which died in the short cold days of January. Web-based and definitely not delivered on a regular basis, the CROmag will give you plenty of unique content to tote around on your tablet or check out on your laptop when you get home. More details as they come.

If you would like to join our friend in Toronto William Magill in sponsoring the CRO site or the pod please get in touch. We're easy cunts to work with and we'll get your name in front of plenty of people in Govan and abroad every day. We hear our friends in Gallowgate are regular readers of our work, so if you're on the east side of town it may be quite the boost to your bottom line. Rate sheets and that available upon request.

Past that, thank you all. Truly. We wouldn't still be here doing what we do. And a special thanks to everyone who climbed on board with me at various times throughout the ride – the men still standing and the guests who hitched rides along the way.

And please help us in honoring Alister, the man for which the CRO Good Cunt Hall of Fame is named after. We'll make it easy for you to get involved with this fundraiser, we promise.

Keep reading, keep listening, keep tweeting and emailing. We'll keep on doing what we do.

All the best,

Shane Nicholson