05 June 2013

Rangers: The unabated obsesssion

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Is anyone still shocked?

Can anyone claim to be amazed?

Does anyone who reads the CRO not expect to see headlines blaring the name of our Club every single day? Or the blogs of those seemingly obsessed with our every movement still trying to convince themselves and their followers that we no longer exist?

Maybe we don't exist to them, in some convoluted transposed way that they're still trying to wrap themselves around. We can't possibly be the same club, they say, yet they wail away at our world record title haul and our 141 years of unbroken history.

I mean, really, just think about: 78 poor souls so caught up in the delusions of people trying to pass themselves off as journalists (check their press cards) that they spent time filing grievances with the ASA over the marketing schemes of a club they will swear to their dying breath is dead.

I can't pretend I get enjoyment from their daily pontificating as unless it's a wholly egregious and therefore hysterically funny post – and directly pointed out to me – do I partake. I don't follow the team they claim to support so why would I?

But I see where the hits come from for the CRO, where the links to the podcast originate. I get their tweets, their emails, their comments. I laugh, I chortle, I imagine what it must be like to be so horribly predisposed with another set of supporters' club that I can't be bothered to know what's going on with my own.

I can't be arsed to spend the time keeping up with their deranged plots and manifestations. That's not to say I don't applaud the brave souls among us who do. Your service to my sanity is invaluable, for without you I'd have many fewer hours of enjoyment in my week, wasting time away on the internet laughing at the ill ones who wish all their claims about Rangers could come true. How many times have we been set to go under? How much, exactly, is left in the accounts again? And what's the story with the "The" for the 1000th time?

It won't cease, nor should it. It only goes to prove that we are the marker laid down for them to chase. That even when we are at our most vulnerable, and they, with a clear path in front of them, choose to spend their free time discussing the off-the-field happenings of their sworn enemy rather than the on-the-field exchanges of their own club.

When I see Rangers in the headlines I don't flinch or feint fury. Sure, some of those headlines and the stories under them are utter bullshit and I call them out as such. But it just goes to prove once again, and every time it occurs, that we are the only Club that matters in their lives. While we got on with the Elgins and East Stirlingshires and Berwicks they filled our feeds with stories of our impending doom, of our soon-to-be-stripped titles, even on days when they had their own matches to follow, their own battles to win.

But to them, the only battle is one they've failed in time and time again, on the pitch and off. From UEFA to the ECA, the SFA to Lord Nimmo Smith, every hurdle they crossed that they just knew we'd trip over we cleared with ease, and the people reassuring them that we are in fact the same Rangers they've always chased, even their own club's lawyers, became just another cog in the machine built to make us an untouchable force and the bane of their existence.

Yeah, we're still Rangers, and we're still the biggest show in town. And 54 titles strong we're still going on, the most successful club in world football. Just ask the ASA.

Oh, and by the way, we are most definitely the people.