29 June 2013

Why I renewed

New addition on the site Ross McAdam tells why he has renewed his Rangers season ticket for the 13th time.

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

I renewed my season ticket, my 13th season, last week. 

At the deadline for renewals we had sold 27,000. Yet again over the last two years I find myself in a surreal situation. At first I was disappointed at the amount but when you take a step back, a club in the third tier of Scottish football has just sold 27,000 season tickets, a year after breaking attendance records and in a week where we sold out a Wednesday evening friendly against Sheffield Wednesday it is truly remarkable. 

It would be good if we could reach the 38,000 we reached last year but I don’t think that will happen. I would expect the final figure to be around the 32,000 mark.

I completely understand the reasons why many have not renewed. A season ticket is an expensive purchase, especially in this financial climate and that is completely understandable. It was an absolute farce that as of Thursday night we still didn’t know for certain which league we would be playing in and which body would govern that league. However, excuses such as the football is poor, our players are being paid too much, too many overrated ex SPL players are playing just don’t sit comfortably with me. 

I was at 29/36 league games last season and I’ll tell you what, I witnessed some of the worst games of football I have ever seen. The one that sticks out the most was a 0-0 draw in Montrose, ironically the day we clinched the championship. But I’ll tell you what, I would much rather be going to Montrose, or this season the likes of Somerset Park, Station Park and Gayfield, than be on the monotonous trips to Tannadice and Fir Park. 

You’ll regret not being there as we play Forfar at Ibrox when we are back playing the same teams again in the next few years. Cherish the memories that are being created on this unique journey. These are grounds under normal circumstances I might never have visited and where we are accepted when we travel and it is without doubt the thing I will miss the most when we inevitably return to our perch at the top of Scottish football.

The most important reason for renewal in my opinion is the simple fact that our club needs us. How much money from the share issue is left is questionable but if you believe certain newspaper reports then it may be as low as £8 million and if that is the case then our season ticket money becomes ever more important. 

Yes, we don’t get enough of a say for the money we invest but that’s for a different article. But without the fans, make no mistake Rangers would not be here right now. Let's not rest on our laurels and push forward as a support and get Rangers back to where we belong.