23 July 2013

A rub of the Green

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

When Charles Green entered the fray towards the end of the prolonged administration period, he was a figure shrouded in mystery. “Who is he? What business does he have with our club?” was the cry. It didn’t take too long for those questions to be answered.

He was a brass, bold Yorkshireman; a tad in ‘yer face, but likeable all the same. “You won’t always like what you hear from me but you’ll definitely get the truth” – a statement that Green faded in and out of sticking to. 

He is a figure that couldn’t be subjected to a much wider varying opinion – some think the perfect solution is to have him back tomorrow, whereas others think it is possibly the worst thing that could happen to Rangers at this time. It is a subject that there would appear to be no consensus on, and one that has been brought back under the microscope since Green himself has expressed his desire to return.

The two schools of thoughts on Green could barely be further apart – there’s the one that felt his open, aggressive and plain-speaking style was, and still remains, perfect for Rangers. Those fans believe he was given a raw deal and should be allowed back. On the other hand, there are those fans who believe he became a source of embarrassment – this had become the 'Charles Green Show' with Rangers as an aside.

The discussion about his flamboyant and controversial character will go on in some form for quite a while – regardless of whether he is to return, his name is already etched into a vital chapter in the history of Rangers. However, beyond his memorable media and fan-based appearances, in the few scraps handed down to fans from the boardroom, it was evident that Green had a plan. 

Was some of it pie-in-the-sky? Perhaps, but much of it was heading in the right direction. The talk of Green refusing the signing of Kenny Miller due to him having no sell-on value is the ideal outlook. From any fan looking in to affairs in Ibrox just now, these would appear to be traits that are missing at the moment. At a time where what money remains should be ruled over with an iron-fist, from the view of this fan, that couldn’t be much further from reality just now. If figures at Ibrox are concerned at the rate money is being spent at, they have every right to be.

However, with this in mind, can Green returning to a day-to-day position at Ibrox really be the best for business at this current moment? His takeover of the club from Craig Whyte may have recently been cleared by the SFA, but there have been many that think his association with Rangers is now tainted. His inability to share the full truth in relation to his negotiations with Whyte has seen any trust in him been removed in many fans – and who can blame them on such a touchy subject?

On top of this, his “Paki friend” comment, although seen by many as harmless and taken out of context, shows his inept ability to deal with a job of this side. Interestingly, in one of the many tapes leaked to the press and on the internet, Ahmad was heard to say that he believed Green would be “like a kid in a candy shop” and wouldn’t be able to control himself. This could hardly have been more prophetic, and for those looking for Green to return, what is there to suggest he wouldn’t do the same again? His media facade came across as rather 'bull in the china shop' and it would appear that no one at Ibrox at the time was able to rein it in. This is something that has to be avoided at a time where Rangers would appear to be treading a fine line in terms of stability.

Finally, in my own opinion, most importantly, there is one other reason why Charles Green should stay away from Rangers. A couple of months ago, one of the most personal and vicious boardroom battles to ever emanate from Ibrox raged. Whether it was videos of board members drunk being splashed across newspapers, or the various other methods of mud-slinging, it was one of the most embarrassing affairs to come out of Ibrox as the battle for control struggled to be resolved. Now that Rangers would appear to be on somewhat calmer seas, to return to the figures at the very heart of this battle, comes across as backward behaviour. Whether it is Murray, Ahmad, Green or anyone else involved, their position at the club is not one that they should be returning to.

It has been just over a year since Charles Green and his backers seized on the opportunity when no one else did. Both he and others around him have been rewarded handsomely for the part they’ve played, and rightly so – that’s what they came for. However, in many regards, they’ve outstayed their welcome. Are shades of Green’s character and actions that are required at the club required? Yes, they may well be so.

But for him to return to a position similar to his last one? No thanks, Charles; time to put this one to bed once and for all.