23 July 2013

Bears on tour - the Emmen photo blog

by PamelaRFC | Guest Contributor

On a day in June, I got a notification from the FC Emmen website that they had a pre-season match scheduled against Rangers. 

Yes! I bouncey-ed through my house with happiness. Before I got the time and chance to get to Glasgow - they were coming to my country! On Twitter I kept asking Rab Boyle and Andrew Dickson: "is it confirmed yet?", a million times. Finally it was definite, Rangers came to Holland on the last day of their German/Dutch tour.

On Twitter more Bears said they were going so I got all excited to meet them in person. This is my photo blog.

Finally we reached Emmen after a few hours driving. First we took a look at the stadium to see if - possibly - there was any activity already, but no. 12:00 it was still quiet. Let's go into town then.

In town, Emmen centre was coloured blue and orange. Songs were sung out loud, and the local pubs must have been happy with the amount of booze they sold. I was happy to finally catch up with fellow Gers fans and talk about the team, and the Laudrup and Gazza era.