31 August 2013

The Priority

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

There was this feeling I had last year. It was a feeling I never thought would apply to football.

As I rode through the heart of Glasgow, up came the headline: “Rangers to go into Administration”. Quite frankly, despite the half-whispered rumours, I presumed it was never a possibility. Rangers? UEFA Cup finalists and world record title holders? The famous Glasgow Rangers?

On that day in February, I learned a tough lesson: In this cruel business, anything is possible. No matter what a man wants to tell you, if he has the right backing, he can make you believe it. Craig Whyte was able to do it, and it is something I shall regret for as long as I live. Nothing will ever replace that sinking feeling I experienced when my team plunged towards the possibility of no more.

Eighteen months on, and this Scottish institution is in a position no one could have foreseen. Working its way through the lower Scottish leagues, it simply was not imaginable ten years ago as Rangers took on (and sometimes beat) the cream of Europe. Challenging the elite of Europe was what any Gers fan is used to, not visiting Forthbank Stadium on those cold Tuesday nights.

What has become a reality was simply unthinkable at the time.

30 August 2013

The SFA: Staying True to Form

by Andy McGowan | Contributor

Following Rangers these days is most definitely a full-time job. Indeed, sometime around the third occasion when Paul Murray’s Blue Knights pulled out of the bidding to purchase the club, it became clear you could quite effortlessly write a dissertation on Rangers, and a rather lengthy one at that. The last few months have been as complicated and unfortunately almost as frustrating as those dark days and so you could perhaps forgive our dear old friends at the Scottish Football Association for thinking they could sneak in under the radar, quietly undetected, with yet another mess of their own making.

Mather, Media House, and some unavoidable facts

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Spin, agendas, gravy and blazers – let's set all that aside for right now and deal in some hard facts.

We know Media House has been contracted by Rangers to do work on behalf of the board. Simple fact, no question. However, in his interview with The Herald that dropped this morning CEO Craig Mather said, "Media House were here anyway. Media House had a contract here that came to an end in August and we renewed that."

Purely a misconception on behalf of the wider support, various media outlets, bloggers being fed info by Media House and Jack Irvine himself. For, if you remember, on 14 August it was reported that Media House had confirmed an end to its contract with Rangers. It was said that the PR firm which had failed us so consistently had ended its relationship dating back to 2006.

29 August 2013

United we stand?

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

If the recent mess within the corridors of Ibrox have taught us anything it is, in my opinion, that the need for some form of fan ownership is now essential. The Rangers Football Club is OUR club.

Not a club that has over recent times been exploited by crooks. Without the fans there is no club. 

It is pleasing to see that new members of BuyRangers.org has increased by 70% in the last ten months. The fans own around 12 percent of the club. If we were under the voting block this would be a strong position to be in and one that can hopefully go from strength to strength.

27 August 2013

Jack Irvine's thoughts on John Greig

To quote, "Greig is just thick and contributes nothing."

John Greig of 755 appearances and 21 trophies, the Captain who helped lead us through the loss of 66 souls, contributes nothing to Rangers.

This is the type of campaign Irvine was willing to run for his former employer Craig Whyte. This is what faces us again with Media House back in the saddle for the Club's PR.

Throw anyone under the bus for the sake of the work. One can't fault Jack for doing what he does best, but one can fault him and Media House for being crucial in the whiteout that surrounded Craig Whyte's tenure, including the job done on the greatest ever Ranger. Whyte asked for a clean slate on the board to do what he needed and Jack delivered. He's been tasked with doing much the same again.

John Greig "contributes nothing" to Rangers – Where does that leave you, Jack?

20 August 2013

Laxey Partners speak to the CRO

by Gordon James | Guest Contributor

After it paid £1 million for one million shares as an initial investor in the new company last October, Laxey Partners are soon set to become the second biggest shareholders in Rangers. It is understood they bought out Cazenove Capital Management Limited's Rangers shares recently and have an agreement to buy a portion of Charles Green’s shares.

Monday 19th August saw them issuing a statement in support of the position taken by fans supporters groups in wanting the removal of directors from the board and support of Mr Blin and Mr Murray. Although the media had spoken to Colin Kingsnorth, they don’t seem to have asked why Laxey want to get involved and what plans Mr Kingsnorth has for the club.

Rangers and The Media: Let's try this again

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

I'll keep this short.

First, let's accept the fact that "RANGERS" in a headline, either print or the web, sells advertising. It's as simple as that, regardless of the publication or outlet. That's why The Herald jumped on a story that was 12 days old for Monday morning's edition. How many of you clicked on that ASA appeal link?

This is news. It's not about balanced perspective; it's about shareholders and pounds and everything that every other business in the world has to account for. The companies behind the news are businesses like any other. There's a bottom line and money to make. Rangers make a lot of that money for interested parties.

19 August 2013

We're all rooting for you, Oscar

by PamelaRFC | Guest Contributor

On Friday last last week a lot of us on Twitter, were introduced to the above picture of a little boy who’s suffering from cancer, running into the arms of the Celtic mascot.

It made me, as a Rangers fan, proud that we can put our rival hate aside when it comes to this terrible disease. No one tweets here about "huns" and "tims", but only about Oscar.

I started reading about Oscar in his blog and found out that his cancer has returned. Shocking. I hope the wee man and his parents can fight this disease one more time and I wish them all strength with it.
When Nacho Novo tweeted it, it got 384 retweets in no time. 

That’s ok, to make people aware of cancer and its victims. People are saying respect to Novo, yes sure, it’s great that he tweets about it, but to tweet is one thing, and it’s a very easy thing.

But wouldn’t it be nice if our players and former players, who are so friendly to retweet this, donate something to Oscar’s case? Places like nibts.org and childrenscancer.org.uk

So players and former players of the famous Rangers, I know you earn a lot more then me, please click on the links and be so generous to donate some of your wages to the cause.

After all, so many people are affected by cancer in this world. Oscar, we're all rooting for you!


14 August 2013

It's the principle of it all, Imran

by Ross EJ Hendry | Guest Contributor

I pulled out a good bottle for this one, the Ardbeg Corryvreckan, a perfectly mounted Single Malt from Islay. I have even loaded up my current iTunes playlist and stuck it on shuffle. What is the best thing about both of these beauties? I know exactly what I am going to get: Quality.

Upon hearing claims that the disgraced former Commercial Director of Rangers Imran Ahmad planned to release details of a purported £67M worth of deals he had secured I hoped that I was going to get the same thing, quality.

Not unexpectedly, Imran, through utterances from Bill McMurdo failed to deliver. In an attempt to rationalize his £3.4M claim against Rangers he has once again shown himself up as nothing more than a Mr. Wormwood. Similar to the character from Dahl’s wonderful yarn; through unscrupulous business practices Imran also looks to reap great profits from disguised, repainted arguments.

13 August 2013

Make a difference

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

The 14th February 2012. A day that no Rangers fan will ever forget. The club we all love was plunged into administration after the crook that is Craig Whyte deliberately stopped paying PAYE. A truly embarrassing period in the club's incredible 141-year history and something no-one wants to experience again.

Let me make this clear. Rangers are on the brink. AGAIN. All the warning signs are apparent; £22million spent in eight months, extremely high salaries from the boardroom to the management staff and the players. An embarrassing boardroom scrap alongside several leeches that are happy to take outrageous salaries out the club and believe it or not even the audacity to try and sue the club ‘he cares about’. Aye right.

Secondhand News

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Another day, another banner cover for a newspaper on the saga surrounding Rangers. No shock; we move advertising dollars no matter the content.

But here we have our old friend Imran – you know, Chuck's boss – coming back to sue Rangers for £3.4 million in regards to pay and bonus packages and whatever other little thing has crossed his mind. The money he feels entitled to that he failed to collect on his way out the door.

People talk about sides in all this, typically as "pro-Green" or "anti-Green" with a bit of "agenda" sprinkled in for effect. Neither could be further from the truth.

12 August 2013

Time to get our club back

by Mark McDougall | Guest Contributor

When Walter Smith resigned from his post as chairman of Rangers last week he said in his statement that he hopes the fans get the club they deserve.

Warnings of administration came from Dave King as the power struggle for Rangers stepped up a level. Charles Green was back and Rangers were in turmoil again.

Now was the chance for Rangers fans to step up and claim the club as their own. From the past week, it seems the club they deserve, is the club they have.

10 August 2013

What it means to me...

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

So here we are. Dawn of a new league and another day raising a flag, even if it's one none of us ever thought we'd see. At least it's Sandy manning the rope, eh?

In my life, I've seen 17 league banners raised, and now one for that division we were cast to last year (How'd that tax tribunal turn out, by the way?) and a slew of Cup and League Cup titles. On the whole, my 29 years as a Rangers supporter have been pretty good.

I fear, however, that this may be our most challenging year as a support yet. Let's not get into details as it's early on the premiere match day of the campaign, but there's a good chance it won't be pleasant. We here at the CRO will have plenty of coverage of the rest of the bullshit so let's just leave the business in this spot for now.

Today is about the football. Today is about us. All of us.

It may be ugly, it may be gorgeous... who knows with Ally at the helm? Point is, this is 141 consecutive years that Rangers have trotted onto the pitch Ready to take on any side that stood before us. Perhaps we shouldn't be here for reasons beyond our control, perhaps the infighting is all for not, but for 90 minutes we get to watch our lads in Blue take on any and all comers.

Yeah, we're going to have plenty more to talk about over the coming days and weeks that has fuck all to do with what's happening on the pitch. But today, for 90 minutes, we get to watch some league football and ponder what may have been, and, more importantly, what will be.

They sent us to the dredges; we will rise again, stronger than ever.

More than a Club.

We are Rangers.

We are the People.

Make sure they know it today.

09 August 2013

A Look at the Fans Meeting

by Andy McKellar | Deputy Editor

The continuous pantomime at Rangers powered on in relentless fashion this week as Charles Green returned as a consultant and an Extraordinary General Meeting was requisitioned by a block of shareholders fronted by Scottish entrepreneur Jim McColl. In truth the supporters haven’t really known where to turn but mercifully were given the opportunity to ask questions of our current board and key employees at a meeting set up at the stadium earlier this evening.

In attendance were various fans from supporters groups, supporters clubs and websites such as our own meanwhile Rangers were represented by Brian Stockbridge, Craig Mather, Ally McCoist, James Traynor and Ian Hart. The meeting lasted for two and a half hours and hopefully the remainder of this article will provide a helpful summary of the key talking points that were discussed on the night.

07 August 2013

Put up or shut up time, is it Charles?

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

You would need to have been residing on the moon for the past week if you have missed the great Charles Green reappearance. Of course even if you had been one of the Tims there would have been sure to tell you about it.

The Charles Green circus has rolled back into town after a two month break. Enough time to allow over 34,000 of us to renew our season tickets without the backdrop of the playground level nonsense in the boardroom that we had become so used to since his arrival. But with renewals done, he’s back on the scene.

His role as a consultant is apparently for an investor group, “Specifically assisting with shareholder relations and advising the company on its capital structure.” It is fair to say that his first week on the job won’t have pleased many of the company’s shareholders, who are presumably picking up the tab for the privilege. In Green’s view the Board has apparently become dysfunctional in his absence and the Club needs sorting out as it’s in a mess—the one thing that he and Jim McColl appear to agree on, though McColl put his name to a requisition to remove Mather, Smart and Stockbridge from the Board and replace them with Frank Blin and Paul Murray.

Show us the facts

by Gordon James | Guest Contributor

No Rangers fans will be surprised that the war of words has started and it looks like the media is going to be licking its collective chops as it laps up the feast. 

Again, player after player in this saga (or their lieutenants) rushes towards cameras and newspapers to spill their guts and none more so than “Consultant Green”. Ironically, the one person who seems resolute in not talking to the press is the guy employed to talk to the press. As the battle of the egos heats up, what they forget are two small details, the fans and the club.

05 August 2013

Walter's Walk Leaves a Void of Credibility

by Chris Graham | Contributor

‘Last but most certainly not least, I must turn to Rangers supporters. They have suffered agonies and tortures over the last two years but they can be proud of their contribution. They did not waver in their support of their Club and as far as I am concerned they have been absolutely the one outstanding feature of this Club.

'Indeed, they are a reminder to those in the Boardroom that Directors have the massive and ultimate responsibility of serving, protecting and nourishing this Club for the benefit of the fans and not an individual or any associates. Rangers fans are a credit to their Club and they really do deserve so much better.'

-Walter Smith

The news that Walter Smith felt compelled to resign from his position as Chairman of Rangers should be the latest in a number of loud alarm bells ringing in the ears of our support. The statement that followed should leave nobody in any doubt about backing the proposed board changes. Walter is quite simply the only man on that board that the vast majority of fans would have trusted unreservedly to put Rangers before either himself or the money to be made from our club. His departure and subsequent statement leaves the board bereft of credibility and is another hammer blow to the returning Charles Green.

Walter Smith's statement

It is with the greatest of regret that I have to announce to Rangers supporters that I have decided to step down as Chairman of Rangers Football Club. It is, I am convinced the correct thing to do under the circumstances.

Unfortunately, recent events have led me to the conclusion that the only option left open is for me to submit my resignation and to leave the Board of Directors with immediate effect.

Working with a Board which could rarely find consensus and agreement has created a highly-dysfunctional environment which has not been good for the Club. On top of that, there has been recent further disruption which again has rendered the Board less effective and efficient than it ought to have been.

It is clear that Boardroom change is required and I would urge Rangers fans to get fully behind the resolutions which last week were presented to the Board and shareholders.

Also, I would like to remind the Directors that when a General Meeting was requisitioned earlier in the year I, as Chairman, was urged by everyone on the Board to do everything in my power to avoid such a meeting. At that time, I worked very hard to achieve that and now I am urging the Directors to do exactly the same this time and if that means Boardroom changes then so be it.

In fact I am now imploring everyone to back these proposed changes so that much-needed stability and a level of integrity can be restored to the Ibrox Boardroom.

However, so far as the chief executive and manager are concerned, let me say this: Craig Mather, as I have said before is doing a good job. It is unfortunate that this has happened but when change does come I hope he’ll be allowed to continue the job he has started.

As for Alistair McCoist, it is important that we all appreciate that no other Rangers manager has had to work with poorer or more trying circumstances. It is my fervent hope that when the dust settles and Rangers have a clearer path and future he is given the chance to manage under conditions similar to those which were afforded his predecessors.

Last but most certainly not least, I must turn to Rangers supporters. They have suffered agonies and tortures over the last two years but they can be proud of their contribution. They did not waver in their support of their Club and as far as I am concerned they have been absolutely the one outstanding feature of this Club.

Indeed, they are a reminder to those in the Boardroom that Directors have the massive and ultimate responsibility of serving, protecting and nourishing this Club for the benefit of the fans and not an individual or any associates. Rangers fans are a credit to their Club and they really do deserve so much better.

As a manager I had to make many difficult decisions but none was tougher than the one I have just made. Stepping away from this Club is heart breaking but I will always be grateful for the support Rangers fans have given me down through the years.

I will never forget and more than anything else I wish them the Club they truly deserve.

Who kept the lights on at Ibrox?

by Gordon James | Guest Contributor

It looks like we are heading into another acrimonious civil war at Ibrox and the battle lines are been drawn not only in the boardroom and in the city but amongst supporters groups, bloggers and the fans. I don’t have a clue as to what is going on and I suspect that is the case for most of us. Even the main players will be in the dark on some issues but we can fully expect to see media and journalist being used to push agendas again as the black ops of leaks becomes a gush. 

Don't go, Walter

by Alan Clark | Assignments Editor

Many of you will have woke from your beds this morning to the horrific rumours that Walter Smith is considering his position as chairman of Rangers Football Club.

Throughout this whole mess, there’s pretty much only two things that the support can come together as one on; firstly, we all of course want Rangers to win in every game. Secondly, that there is no better or more symbolic modern Rangers figure than Walter Smith.

04 August 2013

Is McCoist the priority?

by Garry Carmody | Contributor  

It really is telling that there is a somewhat familiar feeling surrounding the past 72 hours at Rangers Football Club. Plunge a returning CEO, a requisition of a General Meeting for the removal of three board members, a first-round cup exit to Forfar Athletic, and a war of words between the manager and the club’s largest shareholder into any other period, and it would be complete pandemonium.

The big farce

by Andy McGowan | Contributor

The dust has begun to settle on yet another gutless Rangers performance and once again the battle lines have been drawn. There are fractures in our club from boardroom to message board people have taken up positions and if you aren’t with them then you must be against them. 

Me? I’m disgusted with every single person at Rangers who has allowed this mess to reach new heights of sheer ludicrousness. It seems our boardroom and men who fancy themselves as would-be saviours only managed to keep their mouths shut while they waited for us to part with our money, the closer they got to their target sales figures the more ramped up the infighting became all over again and it seems the same happened on the pitch.