27 August 2013

Jack Irvine's thoughts on John Greig

To quote, "Greig is just thick and contributes nothing."

John Greig of 755 appearances and 21 trophies, the Captain who helped lead us through the loss of 66 souls, contributes nothing to Rangers.

This is the type of campaign Irvine was willing to run for his former employer Craig Whyte. This is what faces us again with Media House back in the saddle for the Club's PR.

Throw anyone under the bus for the sake of the work. One can't fault Jack for doing what he does best, but one can fault him and Media House for being crucial in the whiteout that surrounded Craig Whyte's tenure, including the job done on the greatest ever Ranger. Whyte asked for a clean slate on the board to do what he needed and Jack delivered. He's been tasked with doing much the same again.

John Greig "contributes nothing" to Rangers – Where does that leave you, Jack?