13 August 2013

Secondhand News

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Another day, another banner cover for a newspaper on the saga surrounding Rangers. No shock; we move advertising dollars no matter the content.

But here we have our old friend Imran – you know, Chuck's boss – coming back to sue Rangers for £3.4 million in regards to pay and bonus packages and whatever other little thing has crossed his mind. The money he feels entitled to that he failed to collect on his way out the door.

People talk about sides in all this, typically as "pro-Green" or "anti-Green" with a bit of "agenda" sprinkled in for effect. Neither could be further from the truth.

At its crux, this is "pro-Rangers" or "anti-Rangers" I'm afraid. Simply put, either you think people who have already made off with a handsome sum and stand to make more from their shares at some point in the near future deserve further compensation or you don't. It really does come down to that, whether you believe it yet or not. Time's running out to make up your mind.

The "Green camp" (read: Imran) believe that they should receive fully a 7000% return on their shares, shares they didn't even pay for as the takeover was financed via loans. Shares they received for 1p that they now want 70p for, apparently by last Friday if you believe Charles. This on top of the substantial wage packets they drew from the Club in their short time. As I said on the last CROpod, it's not bad work if you can get it.

Then you have the proverbial "McColl/Murray" camp, one with its own question marks but one whose intentions are clear, once you set aside the attempts to muddy the waters. Their goal in the requisition is simple: Provide Rangers with a board that is fit and proper and capable of moving our Club forward.

That's it. That's all the document asks for. And, quite frankly, when you look at the composition of our boardroom as it stands you really can't argue. Are we a third division club? Yes. Does that mean we should settle for what is effectively a non-league governing body calling the shots? Of course not. We deserve better. Rangers deserves better.

I'm not sure how many times we have to traverse this path before we wake up. It's not exclusively the fault of the press or owners or fans groups or any other individual or body. It's a cumulative effort spanning many many years now.

It has to stop.

Life has watershed moments, lessons-learned moments where you finally snap out of it and realize, Naw, this will not do. Few too many drinks at a mate's wedding, late to work one too many times, whatever the case. This for Rangers supporters everywhere has to be one, hopefully the last one.

We let venture capitalists into our Club and let their media bravado sway us as a whole. Individuals who were suspicious from the start need not apply. I'm not going to swim through threads on a forum to find your raised eyebrows. I had my own if you'll recall. Hindsight is not only 20/20 but absolutely useless in this case.

But the finger pointing, the accusations of "propaganda" and these supposed "agendas" that are all the rage suit no one. If you really give a toss about what happened six months ago you're losing sight of what's happening now. Persons who simply care not for our great Club have stripped it bare yet again, and on our backs. Whether it be shares bought in the IPO, your season books, the strip for your wean, your Rangers TV package, whatever the case, the money's going out the door in any number of fashions.

So you can sit and wait and try to ride a pony simply because you were sure it was going to take the prize x number of months back. You can worry about who said what where and when, ignoring your own embarrassments in the drawn out PR battle for the safety and well being of Rangers along the way.

Or you can stand up and make your voice heard in any number of ways available and say, "This is my Club. This is Rangers. I'm done with the bloodletting and bullshit. Let's take our Club back."

The choice is yours. I know which way I'm heading.