04 August 2013

The big farce

by Andy McGowan | Contributor

The dust has begun to settle on yet another gutless Rangers performance and once again the battle lines have been drawn. There are fractures in our club from boardroom to message board people have taken up positions and if you aren’t with them then you must be against them. 

Me? I’m disgusted with every single person at Rangers who has allowed this mess to reach new heights of sheer ludicrousness. It seems our boardroom and men who fancy themselves as would-be saviours only managed to keep their mouths shut while they waited for us to part with our money, the closer they got to their target sales figures the more ramped up the infighting became all over again and it seems the same happened on the pitch. 

Just days after season ticket confirmation letters had gone out it seems we ditched all notions of positive attacking football to be replaced with our old friend the 4-1-4-1, a far cry from what pre-season had offered up.

So now the blame game is well and truly underway and I’m sure it’s going to continue well into the conclusion of the working week before it settles down. Although it could go on until the referee puts his whistle to his lips at 12.45. Plenty of people have had their say and plenty will have theirs in the days to come and I’d like to speak on behalf of all fans like myself stuck in the middle, disgusted with the childish mudslinging and say that you should all be ashamed of yourselves, every single one of you.

Paul Murray? Why does this man think Rangers owe him a living? He was part of the toxic David Murray regime, he consulted the club on finances! And under his watch the club were riddled with debt until the bank took control of MIH and forced the club’s hand in dealing with its soaring outgoings. He has had not one but two failed takeover bids both of which were heavily based on us paying up because he doesn’t have anything like the money to match his ambition and not only that was offered the chance to own the club only to turn down Duff and Phelps because Ticketus wouldn’t pay £200,000 to make it official. There you have our saviour, our hero, our blue knight – a man who doesn’t value Rangers at £200k of his own wealth.

Jim McColl? The fantasist's wet dream. A man who’s personal wealth once stood at over a billion pounds and he’s a Rangers fan? What could possibly stop him sorting this mess out?! Well he’s only worth around £800 million these days and he’s not for parting with much of it to save Rangers that’s for sure. He was completely disinterested in saving the club during administration and only got interested when Green had done the messy work and he realised that messy work entitled the consortium to buy the club for 5.5 million. 

A man worth £800 million who claims to be a Rangers supporter and such is his love for the club he only stepped in when the club was at its lowest ebb and lowest potential value. Yet these two men seem to constantly run their mouths or better yet have others do their dirty work for them and some treat them like returning heroes here to save us all. They are just as responsible for the absurd events of the past week as any on the board.

Charles Green? For every bit of good this man has done for Rangers he’s done ten things to harm us. He was rightly removed for his ridiculously out-dated comments on race along with his ‘paki friend’ as he calls him Imran Ahmad. They were taking an extraordinary wage from the club with bonuses tagged on all the way and for what? Causing a PR nightmare? Leaking info on Rangers forums? Mudslinging? And now one of them has wormed his way back into the limelight and surprise surprise he can’t keep his mouth shut about things that simply don’t concern him. He has forced his way into a position described as ‘a consultant to the shareholders’ and the first thing he does is run to The Sun, the same newspaper that twisted facts and bent over backwards to claim he was involved with Craig Whyte and has a go at Ally McCoist! 

Is it stupidity or a personal vendetta? Either way he should know better but Charles' mouth has always been a gear above his brain. He was gone and should have stayed gone he is at the epicentre of all drama that engulfs Rangers and he seems to enjoy it like it’s some sort of game that only he and his chums are allowed to play while the rest of us watch on from the side lines. We have to suffer you being back at the club Charles but please don’t let us suffer more of your ill-informed baseless attacks on our players and our manager.

Craig Mather? Don’t disagree with a thing that was written in his statement but what on earth possessed him to release it 45 minutes before a League Cup game?! Did he think the EGM to remove him kicked off at half five that night and he needed to get his statement out ASAP? Whatever he is being paid he’s being paid a sum of money most of us could only dream of, turns out one of his bonuses wasn’t a dose of common sense. Pick your timing as carefully as your words Craig I know some of you might have forgotten this but it’s about a game of football not your game of thrones. The team comes first and that includes before your statements.

And so on to the manager, Ally McCoist. Is there anything left to say that hasn’t been said 100 times over? I’m not sure what was the most embarrassing part of his weekend was. Could it be claiming we were down to the bare bones without the new boys? We employ over 20 other professional footballers and we could only play two of the new boys at a time anyway. Was it that he played a 4-1-4-1? I honestly never thought I’d see the day a Rangers manager feared Forfar Athletic and make no mistake he does fear them. It came across in his presser so much that I felt all my positivity drain away and if I felt it via a laptop you can be sure the players felt it. 

Was it that Andy Little was at times 40 yards from his midfield? No, it was none of these things. It was once again that Ally McCoist in his third season at Rangers manager still can’t take a shred of responsibility for his own failings as a manager. It was Green’s fault, it was the wind’s fault but it was yet again not Ally McCoist’s fault. Grow up and take some responsibility Ally before it’s too late. His comments on Green were much like Mather’s comments on McColl and Murray – correct but ill-timed.

As for the rest of the supporting cast - from the men backing the main players to the bloggers who have ditched opinion pieces in favour of doing what they are told by their chosen side - well done for contributing to one of the most farcical weeks in the history of this great football club. You know who you are and you all have blood on your hands and you should be ashamed to be involved with an institution which stands for honour and dignity. 

I want none of you involved with my club and I hope there is a genuine saviour on the horizon, one who intends to put the interests of the club first above his own job security or ego so normal fans like me can talk about football instead of being embarrassed to mention the club for fear of your names being brought up.