12 August 2013

Time to get our club back

by Mark McDougall | Guest Contributor

When Walter Smith resigned from his post as chairman of Rangers last week he said in his statement that he hopes the fans get the club they deserve.

Warnings of administration came from Dave King as the power struggle for Rangers stepped up a level. Charles Green was back and Rangers were in turmoil again.

Now was the chance for Rangers fans to step up and claim the club as their own. From the past week, it seems the club they deserve, is the club they have.

On the day that Walter Smith resigned around 50 fans turned up at Ibrox to stage a small protest. Out came Director of Communications James Traynor. He told the fans that he would not speak to them while the media were there so what did the fans do? Scream abuse at the media until they backed away.

Traynor then spoke to fans. What happened while he was speaking? CEO Craig Mather sneaked out a side door and got away from Ibrox without addressing the fans. The fans were played as fools, and fell for it.
A meeting was arranged between fans and CEO Craig Mather, directors Brian Stockbridge and Ian Hart and manager Ally McCoist.

In that meeting what would your first question have been? Would it have been asking where the money from the IPO has went to? Would it be asking where fans season ticket money has went to? They would have been near the top of the list that I would ask.

What was the first question that was asked about? The BBC. Really. It was.

What else was asked that night? When is Nacho Novo coming back? Really. That was asked. While it might have been a joke, it wasn't the time for it.

Saturday lunch time the stage was set for the beginning of the League One season as Rangers entertained Brechin City at Ibrox. A boycott was out of the question because 34,000 season tickets were already sold. There were some banners in the Rangers crowd calling for Green to leave and sell up. There were no arranged protests. There was nothing to say the fans wanted the club as their own.

The Rangers Supporters Trust. What do they actually do? They should be in asking questions of the clubs boardroom and finding out on behalf of the fans. They are representatives of Rangers fans. They should be gathering the fans as one but they aren't.

On Twitter I made the suggestion to them that they should be asking more questions. Their reply was that the club can easily ignore them. I then said to keep pushing them and not to accept the first answer to which they replied 'that is assuming we actually get an answer first'.

That for me, sums up the Rangers fans. We are to willing to accept what we hear and not push for more answers or clarification. Some fans say that other fans can't expect the RST to ask questions when they aren't. The RST have the means to ask the club, the ordinary fan on his/her own doesn't.

A few questions that need to be asked:  Where is the season ticket money going? Why are directors such as Brian Stockbridge on huge bonuses for on field matters? Why did Charles Green receive a payoff despite resigning? Why was Charles Green allowed back into Rangers? Is administration a viable threat? The RST say they can easily be ignored. The club can't ignore the whole fan base.

It's time for Rangers fans to step up. It's time to get the vultures out of the club.

It's time to get OUR club back.