19 August 2013

We're all rooting for you, Oscar

by PamelaRFC | Guest Contributor

On Friday last last week a lot of us on Twitter, were introduced to the above picture of a little boy who’s suffering from cancer, running into the arms of the Celtic mascot.

It made me, as a Rangers fan, proud that we can put our rival hate aside when it comes to this terrible disease. No one tweets here about "huns" and "tims", but only about Oscar.

I started reading about Oscar in his blog and found out that his cancer has returned. Shocking. I hope the wee man and his parents can fight this disease one more time and I wish them all strength with it.
When Nacho Novo tweeted it, it got 384 retweets in no time. 

That’s ok, to make people aware of cancer and its victims. People are saying respect to Novo, yes sure, it’s great that he tweets about it, but to tweet is one thing, and it’s a very easy thing.

But wouldn’t it be nice if our players and former players, who are so friendly to retweet this, donate something to Oscar’s case? Places like nibts.org and childrenscancer.org.uk

So players and former players of the famous Rangers, I know you earn a lot more then me, please click on the links and be so generous to donate some of your wages to the cause.

After all, so many people are affected by cancer in this world. Oscar, we're all rooting for you!