10 August 2013

What it means to me...

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

So here we are. Dawn of a new league and another day raising a flag, even if it's one none of us ever thought we'd see. At least it's Sandy manning the rope, eh?

In my life, I've seen 17 league banners raised, and now one for that division we were cast to last year (How'd that tax tribunal turn out, by the way?) and a slew of Cup and League Cup titles. On the whole, my 29 years as a Rangers supporter have been pretty good.

I fear, however, that this may be our most challenging year as a support yet. Let's not get into details as it's early on the premiere match day of the campaign, but there's a good chance it won't be pleasant. We here at the CRO will have plenty of coverage of the rest of the bullshit so let's just leave the business in this spot for now.

Today is about the football. Today is about us. All of us.

It may be ugly, it may be gorgeous... who knows with Ally at the helm? Point is, this is 141 consecutive years that Rangers have trotted onto the pitch Ready to take on any side that stood before us. Perhaps we shouldn't be here for reasons beyond our control, perhaps the infighting is all for not, but for 90 minutes we get to watch our lads in Blue take on any and all comers.

Yeah, we're going to have plenty more to talk about over the coming days and weeks that has fuck all to do with what's happening on the pitch. But today, for 90 minutes, we get to watch some league football and ponder what may have been, and, more importantly, what will be.

They sent us to the dredges; we will rise again, stronger than ever.

More than a Club.

We are Rangers.

We are the People.

Make sure they know it today.