29 September 2013

Action, Not Apathy

By Andy McKellar | Deputy Editor

The trials and tribulations encountered by Rangers in recent years has ensured that the role of our loyal support extends beyond simply turning up on a match-day and supporting the team we all adore. Our fans are the one constant in the proud history of our great institution and our backing last summer was crucial in ensuring our survival despite being banished to the lower leagues. We must again step up to the plate.

The Murray years perhaps dulled our senses and instilled an unfortunate apathy and acceptance within our fan-base. It was taken for granted that a club like ours could not encounter the type of financial meltdowns that occurred elsewhere and, with hindsight, we perhaps simply assumed that Murray would sort things out himself.

27 September 2013

Sack the Board

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

Success is an integral part of our long and prestigious history. The bar is set very high and the standards we expect of our managers, coaches and playing staff are exceptional. The pressure and expectation on them, even in the third tier of Scottish football, is immense and many of us, myself included, are critical when things are not up to scratch on the park.

It is about time such high standards and expectations were applied to the those that sit in the Boardroom.

It should be an absolute privilege to sit within the corridors of power at Ibrox — the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. Lately those within those corridors have treated fans with disdain whilst taking our money off us at every turn. Season tickets and the fans have stepped up and paid and what have we got in return?

BBC Scotland: the challenge that never was

by Gordon James | Guest Contributor

There have been many stories and issues since Jim Spence decided to air his old club new club thoughts on BBC Radio Scotland. One that was prevalent was the BBC in Scotland were unhappy and were preparing or had indicated that they were setting a course to challenge The Trust.

24 September 2013

Boardroom clichés

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

As most football fans are able to get on with their "game of two halves", we fans that enjoy watching our football at Ibrox are still embroiled in one of the most notable boardroom battles in the club's history. 

It has gotten to the point that as a supporter of Rangers, I pine for the day when the most important debate becomes "4-4-2 or 4-5-1?".

15 September 2013

100 games in charge for the Super one

by Jamie Currie | Guest Contributor

This weekend, Ally McCoist took charge of his one-hundredth game as manager of Rangers; to put it lightly there has been many more lows than highs with the legendary striker in the hot seat.

Of course it has been the most difficult period of any Rangers manager. The demotion to the fourth tier, the transfer embargo and yes sorry I am going to use it - the lack of pre-season last year. This hasn’t done McCoist or his backroom staff any favours, even before that the encounters in the transfer market under Craig Whyte’s watch, although we all can admit, that’s a totally separate issue from McCoist’s managerial ability.

14 September 2013

Just the usual prematch ritual...

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

So Sandy Easdale ascends to the "football board". Not the plc, mind. That's where his brother, the esteemed "Director of Transport," has a seat at the big boys table.

I wonder what either of their business plans entailed before they took their places...

Meanwhile, Jack Irvine found himself perhaps a bit too pleased with his 1330 word 8 p.m. curtain call last night. See, he simply couldn't help himself to hop on Twitter and have a go at the sub-amateur and "billionaire in his own mind" Jim McColl, as opposed to the billionaire Jack helped make out of thin air, Mr Craig Whyte. You may remember him.

Surely he forgot that chapter of his fine representation of Rangers Football Club between tweeting the Texas Rangers (not his client) Howard Hughes quotes and calling out the "Bullshit Billionaire" McColl's lack of a business plan.

13 September 2013

Rangers: a new chapter

Pic: rangers.co.uk
by Alan Clark | Assignments Editor

It might not feel like it. But tomorrow’s League One clash at home to Arbroath is the start of a new chapter at Rangers.

Or should that read – the closing of an old one?

11 September 2013

Trust, lies and su-Spence

by Gordon James | Guest Contributor

I am genuinely gob smacked by the Jim Spence saga.

My understanding is this. Two very persistent fans took a complaint all the way to the BBC Trust having had their complaint rejected at every level by the BBC up to that point. The Trust rejected any suggestion of bias by the BBC but did agree that BBC Scotland were wrong to make any reference to Rangers being a new club.

07 September 2013

Are Rangers persecuting the BBC?

by Godwin Law | Guest Contributor

There won’t be many articles on Gers sites defending Jim Spence after his latest attempt to tell the Sportsound listeners that Rangers ‘died’, but maybe there should be considering how much pressure he is under. With many fans contacting the Beeb through the complaints procedure and the Ibrox club making a statement, the BBC reporter responded with the following tweet:

“Someone just reminded me of the famous saying of Pastor Martin Niemoller. ‘First they came for the socialists and I did not speak out.’”

This is a reference to Pastor Martin Niemoller’s famous phrase that:
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
Then they came for the socialists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
Then they came for me,
and there was no one left to speak for me.
For those who do not know, this powerful quotation by Pastor Niemoller was a warning against Nazi concentration camps and allowing groups of people to be victimised, while standing by and doing nothing. To do so, only encourages evil to prosper and will eventually come back against you. 

06 September 2013

Support the team, not the regime

by Peter Ewart | Contributor
So here we are in the middle of an international break. Ally is currently pondering just how the hell he is going to pick a team from his ever-expanding squad, the utter nonsense surrounding the boardroom continues and good ol’ Jack spins and slings shit like only he can. A break from domestic football is never a good thing in my opinion, perhaps now more than ever.
For many Bears it’s almost a complete break from the football. If you ‘watch’ a Scotland game on Twitter you’ll probably find that Bears will fall into three camps. There will be those who are pretty supportive, those who aren’t particularly bothered and those who actively support the opposition. Many now baulk at the thoughts of supporting Scotland. It’s the SFA XI, alien to many Bears. And that is a shame.

03 September 2013

And they couldn't prevent Jack from being toxic

by Andy McGowan | Contributor

Agenda, propaganda, hand wringers, apologists—just a few of the terms thrown around in the Ibrox game of buzzword bingo. The irony of our current situation is that the men throwing these words around seem to be the ones with an end game that isn’t in the best of interests Rangers Football Club.

The end game The Copland Road Organization is hoping for? Simply, the best outcome for Rangers and our fans. We have nothing to gain from the current board being cleared out other than that it is what Rangers need to move forward. There’s no blazers or freebees in our future; only attacks from the lunatic fringe backing the current board to all ends for a variety of reasons.

The attacks on anyone willing to speak up against our dysfunctional boardroom will no doubt ramp up in the weeks to come with the return of Jack Irvine. I’m sure most Rangers fans hadn’t heard the name Jack Irvine until a few weeks ago, but everyone will remember Media House, the utterly useless PR firm who ‘represented’ us for years under both David Murray and Craig Whyte.