14 September 2013

Just the usual prematch ritual...

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

So Sandy Easdale ascends to the "football board". Not the plc, mind. That's where his brother, the esteemed "Director of Transport," has a seat at the big boys table.

I wonder what either of their business plans entailed before they took their places...

Meanwhile, Jack Irvine found himself perhaps a bit too pleased with his 1330 word 8 p.m. curtain call last night. See, he simply couldn't help himself to hop on Twitter and have a go at the sub-amateur and "billionaire in his own mind" Jim McColl, as opposed to the billionaire Jack helped make out of thin air, Mr Craig Whyte. You may remember him.

Surely he forgot that chapter of his fine representation of Rangers Football Club between tweeting the Texas Rangers (not his client) Howard Hughes quotes and calling out the "Bullshit Billionaire" McColl's lack of a business plan.

To be fair, Jack, I've still not seen one from your clients. Is it lost in the Christmas post?

Just another sad Day in the Life of the average web-tuned Rangers supporter. I read the news today, oh-fucking-boy.

You see, it seems that having invested money in the Club (mostly paid back via salary by now plus who-knows-what's-to-come from the shares) is enough to have one, or their PR man, shellac anyone who dares ask just what's going on.

I shudder to think what the coordinated response will be if and when Dave King, he of £20 million investment in Rangers prior, decides to come snooping back around now that he's paid his bills.

No, it has nothing to do with "investment" (Sandy by his own admission is representing other investors, not his and his brother's "£100m" fortune) or "business plans" or anything of the nature. It has to do with control and access, and right now one group has it all. And they're happy to keep control and let Happy Jack do his business, out on the tiles or not.

I think we've all seen this game played out, and to slander and harangue people asking questions of those in charge, well, I'm not willing to ride that line. We lost before; there's no reason to do so again.

It's our duty as fans and the duty of shareholders or "representatives" of shareholders to ask questions of the board. Where is the money going? What exactly is the business model? Where will we be in six months? Twelve? Three years?

It's not agenda driven; it's driven by having been down this road, and not that long ago. It's amazing how soon some can forget based off minimal investments with substantial return already and even more coming down the pipe. Trust me, our prereq's aside, no one is picking myself or any of my friends of sexy crime/Crazy Daniel nature for a Club tie and a blazer.

But to take the word of the same man who told us Whyte was minted as gospel is pure folly. And make no mistake, he was the author of that 1330 word rambling monstrosity which came three hours after close of business on a Friday night on the eve of a match.

I'm not going to buy it until I see accounts and the AGM to which we're entitled. This is Rangers; not a collection of men sitting on our board as well as acting on behalf of the corporate executive shoveling us their grovel via a second-rate third-party PR firm. They are not our Club, whatever sum they've put in. They were investors first and stewards second.

The difference is not subtle or unclear. The true stewards of Rangers Football Club are The People who care for it most. The legends who stand for us all, and the individual fans around the world, some of us denied a chance to buy into this institution by people currently acting "on our behalf".

It's our Club, first and foremost. Not the board's, not any singular investor, certainly not their PR man who can't keep his "Rangers" straight.

It's Rangers Football Club, the most successful club the world's ever seen. And far more than a chip in the pot of a poorly planned press release and Twitter barrage. I expect it to be treated as such.

If that's not good enough for you then don't bother; I don't want you sitting around my table anyway.