31 October 2013

Dwindling Revenues > Trolling for Hits

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

We've seen the onslaught of "Dave King isn't going to get on the Rangers board because of x, y and z" pieces from all corners over the past 10 days or. Our own Chris Graham took a bite out of some of that nonsense just last night.

More than having to fill column inches there is a science behind using 'RANGERS' in every single possible headline that you can. Of course it moves print editions – what else do people want to read about on the train besides us?

But the problems facing the newspapers of yesterday still struggling to operate in a digital dominated landscape bleed through the daily budgets of editors across the world. Doing it for a living, I'm no stranger to the importance placed on fresh web content for papers on an almost hourly basis.

30 October 2013

The Rangers Minefield

"Daniel Stewart & Co - The Small Company Advisor"
by Chris Graham | Contributor

Last week, Paul Shackleton of Rangers’ third AIM Nominated Advisor (Nomad) in a year, Daniel Stewart, stated that he was “trying to map out a path through the (Rangers) minefield”. The short interview appears perfectly reasonable in itself but the continued inaction, at the very least, in appointing Dave King to the Ibrox board is becoming concerning. 

Not only do the board and our current Nomad appear to be dragging their feet, but the usual suspects in the press and rival supporters are using the uncertainty to whip up a storm over the prospect of King taking a place on the Rangers board.

Reporting from BBC Scotland - the Kids’ Section

By Garry Carmody | Contributor

Believe it or not, upon reading the BBC’s latest underhand remark aimed at Rangers, a childhood scenario played out in my mind. You know - that one where the parent walks out the room, the kids start messing about and a vase gets smashed?

As the angry parent returns, the big eyes and the straight face appear - followed by the well rehearsed, “It wasn’t me”.

These remarks have flown out of the children’s section at Pacific Quay since they took a stern telling off by their big brother for the factually incorrect statements about the “new club” Rangers.

28 October 2013

Over on the CRO's RangersFACTS site, Gary Havlin looks back at some landmark goals as the chase for league tally number 9000 is on.

20 October 2013

Money trees and Rangers

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

In amongst the bad news, the controversies and the shock departures that have marred another week at Ibrox, there still remains the one silver lining that has brought large sections of the loyal Rangers support together.

As Dave King raised his head above the parapet to announce his plans to return to the Rangers board as soon as possible, coupled with intentions to invest money straight into the club, it was a moment to rejoice for many. Despite it seeming inevitable to some that he would enter the fray at some point, it was a relief to see someone that truly has the club at heart making his intentions clear.

15 October 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the AGM

by Ross McAdam | Contributor

Once again, it has been a busy week off the park at Ibrox. From Dave King being ready to join the board to a visit to the Court of Session in Edinburgh, turbulent weeks have become the norm. One thing is now clear however: Rangers shareholders will now have a democratic vote to determine who they want to run the club. 

The news that King is ready to return as Chairman has been greeted with an almost unanimous approval from the Rangers support. An astute businessman with vast wealth is certainly needed at this moment in time. By Brian Stockbridge’s own admission we will have around £1 million left in the bank by April (plus undetermined retail income) which is a daunting thought, especially considering the amount of one off costs that have been made this year. 

14 October 2013

09 October 2013

We must heed Walter's words

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

As a manager on the touchline, Walter Smith was always known for his dignified approach. Whenever Smith erupted, or showed true emotion, you knew for certain it would be the talk of the town for a while, as it was such a rarity.

In his time since departing as manager, little has changed. Walter Smith chooses his words carefully. There have been no bold, exaggerated statements; he hasn’t been captured chanting “Sack the Board” whilst holding up his “Spivs Out” sign. However, if this week’s events have been a reminder for anything, when Walter Smith speaks, the Rangers support sit up and take notice.
Over on the CRO's new RangersFACTS site, our Gary Havlin looks back in brief on perhaps the only man ever to be able to claim that he was bigger than the Club (not that he ever would), the great Bill Struth.

04 October 2013

Requisitioners' Statement

Following today's Court of Session hearing, a spokesman for the requisitioning shareholders said:

03 October 2013

CRO speaks to Sons of Struth

by Alan Clark | Assignments Editor

Marching on Hampden. Remember that day? 28th April 2012. It was the day the whole Rangers support came together to voice their anger at SFA sanctions. Around 10,000 made it on the day, with a much larger amount following developments online.

It was the last time the whole support was unified under one voice. Nowadays, in an online environment at least, the support is fractured through different fan groups and different forums having disagreements regularly. It’s a sad state of affairs.

It has been exacerbated by the very public boardroom struggle currently engulfing Rangers. Out of the blue however, a fans group has emerged with no ties or dubious agendas. The Sons of Struth appeared in the last two weeks or so with Twitter and Facebook representation.

Rangers: A team in transition

by Alan Clark | Assignments Editor

Rangers have changed a lot in the last few years. Despite what some in this world would have you believe, the club born in 1872 remains intact, along with the glorious history of Scotland’s premier club.

The club is still changing. A bitter boardroom struggle hangs over Rangers and dominates the headlines and discussions of the supporters. The annual accounts were released on Tuesday and it confirms the fears of many – Rangers are not performing well financially and the outgoings at the club are far too high.

But the team is one that is constantly changing, also.

After Tannadice

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

The Scottish Cup game against Dundee United on the 2nd February 2013 is unlikely to be quickly forgotten. On the pitch a gameplan which went out the window after 17 seconds, two sendings off and a tough defeat that left us in no doubt of the position we found ourselves in. But it will be off the pitch that the game will be most remembered for.

Rangers fans were as close to a full boycott of a game as it likely we will ever see. After the draw, a concerted effort to stand up to the disgraceful treatment of our Club during its darkest hours by football authorities, SPL clubs and some fans produced a stunning result as less than 500 Rangers fans attended the game. A remarkable achievement, but it was one in exceptional circumstances.
Need a break from the board room? Over on the CRO's new RangersFACTS site, contributor Garry Carmody takes a look at the beginning of Walter's Revolution.

02 October 2013

A Good Day to Bury Bad News

By Chris Graham | Contributor

Much of the focus in the past two days has rightly been on the release of the audited accounts for Rangers. There is much analysis still to be done on these and they arguably raised more questions than answers but I will leave the detailed analysis to those better qualified than myself to speak on such matters.

However the old adage about certain days being good ones to release bad news was taken to new levels by this current board on 1st October 2013. Not only did they pick the day that Celtic played Barcelona to ensure that scrutiny of their various releases to the London Stock Exchange (LSE) would be minimised, but they also clearly knew the accounts would be the main topic of conversation.

Rangers' Accounts: A Look at the Finances

By Andy McKellar & Ross McAdam 

The current condition of Rangers' finances has been subject to constant rumours, innuendo and accusations of mismanagement or incompetence. Yesterday our eagerly awaited annual accounts were published as required prior to the AGM and our performance has now been laid out in black and white for all to see.

Our journey through the lower leagues was always going to prove financially challenging as revenue streams diminished and high operational costs remained. Those running the club were required to adopt a prudent and sensible approach to adapt to our new and unfamiliar surroundings but questions remained as to whether this was being successfully achieved. 

On Brian's Interview

By Andy McGowan | Contributor

I am sure it was a mere coincidence that the interview done by Rangers' Andrew Dickson with Brian Stockbridge was posted around a minute after Barcelona saw off FC Brave at Parkhead but attentions should have immediately turned to the interview to see what Mr. Stockbridge had to say, and what he has to say is certainly interesting.

01 October 2013

When is an unbiased national broadcaster not unbiased?

By Andy McKellar | Deputy Editor

The ongoing pantomime that is Rangers Football Club has provided a conveyor belt of headlines and articles for journalists throughout the country and beyond, providing no shortage of incidents or talking points for the Scottish media to cover. Unfortunately, some organisations seemed to seize the opportunity to operate outside of their remit, most notably BBC Scotland.

The media are there to report the news and to inform its audience about current affairs; it is not there to act as the manufacturer or promoter of propaganda or misinformation. However the coverage of Rangers plummeted coincidentally at the same time as our financial collapse. Professionalism and objectivity no longer mattered to certain outlets as priorities shifted to simply achieve more website hits and appease their increasingly obsessed audience.