30 October 2013

Reporting from BBC Scotland - the Kids’ Section

By Garry Carmody | Contributor

Believe it or not, upon reading the BBC’s latest underhand remark aimed at Rangers, a childhood scenario played out in my mind. You know - that one where the parent walks out the room, the kids start messing about and a vase gets smashed?

As the angry parent returns, the big eyes and the straight face appear - followed by the well rehearsed, “It wasn’t me”.

These remarks have flown out of the children’s section at Pacific Quay since they took a stern telling off by their big brother for the factually incorrect statements about the “new club” Rangers.

Today’s insinuation that Rangers are now a different club to the one that played in the 2011 Cup Final against Celtic (not 2010, as was incorrectly stated in the article) will likely fall into the same category as Jim Spence’s “giving the views of others”. The same category that it’s all a bit of an ado about nothing.

“Nah, don’t be silly, that’s not what you heard.”

The fact is Rangers fans do not pay their licensing fees for childish, snide remarks. Certain employees just appear to keep picking away at the situation in an underhand manner, and yet stand back with their hands in the air when they get a reaction?

It’s well-publicised that there is no love lost between Rangers and BBC Scotland, but as long as ‘Gers fans continue to help pay the wages of these employees, it is their duty to give the facts back in a straight and coherent manner.

If BBC Scotland want to take a hard-line on Rangers being a new club, they can expect to enter a different sort of war. But until then, these infantile digs fall so far short of what is expected of a national broadcaster. Just about every other outlet manages to stick to the one line on the subject - why do Pacific Quay completely fail at this?

No more smashed vases, please; time to grow up.