19 November 2013

The Louden Tavern Statement – The Truth re: Us and Charlie Miller

Jörg Albertz hosted a Q&A at The Louden Tavern: Ibrox Stadium on Saturday (assisted by Nacho Novo). At approximately half past 9 one the doormen asked me to go outside. He then informed me that he believed that Charlie Miller had been arrested by the police (allegedly drunk driving). There were two men there who claimed to be Charlie’s brother and friend. They then repeated that Charlie had been arrested. 

I then went back into the pub and informed Jörg who had spoken to Charlie earlier and had invited but didn’t think he was coming and therefore didn’t mention it to me. I never seen Charlie Miller and at no point was he in the pub.

Today on Twitter I was accused of selling this story to the paper in order to gain publicity for the pub by an account claiming to be Bob Malcolm (@Bobmalcolm12). Now I don’t know if this is actually “The” Bob Malcolm who played with us. If it is I would be extremely disappointed. I have only ever met him once fleetingly and he seemed a pleasant lad.

I can categorically state that I have never spoken to any papers about this incident, or any other incident regarding players or ex-players . I have never and would never put out a story that showed Rangers or our fans in a negative light. I have always believed this and I always will. My son didn’t even know about this incident until yesterday afternoon when he seen it on Follow Follow. He contacted STV who amended their online article to correct that Charlie was on his way to the event rather than leaving it. He has also asked for corrections in the Record and the Herald but neither of them has contacted us following this request.

I repeat Charlie was not in our pub and we do not know the facts of his arrest. Hope this clarifies everything.

Thanks – Robert Marshall.

We Are The People, God Bless The Rangers.

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