04 November 2013

The Search for the AGM

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

Another week of the Rangers debacle kicks off and Act I began before the support barely had time to wipe the sleep out of their eyes.

For the first time in a while, Malcolm Murray raised his head above the public parapet to appear with Alan Brazil and Neil Warnock to discuss the modern-day version of the novel Ulysses (as long and as mad). Although Talk Sport aimed their article towards the briefly-discussed Mike Ashley in order to draw in readers from clubs of Premier League onlookers this was by no means the main talking point.

Murray once more brought to the floor the elephant in the room – the AGM. As tensions around Ibrox reach breaking point, the need for the Annual General Meeting has become crucial. The current board of two members is, of course, unsustainable, and new members are urgently required.

Whether that brings anything past short-term stability to Ibrox is another question, but the need for board members to join is not up for debate. After the requisitioners had to take their battle to court to have Malcolm Murray, Paul Murray, Alex Wilson and Scott Murdoch accepted for nomination the AGM had to be delayed. The board were shown to be incorrect in their attempts to block the nominees, but everything remains in place for the meeting to take place as soon as possible.

As Malcolm Murray stated today, the paperwork has been signed for the AGM, there is a wealthy fan willing to pay to rent any appropriate building for it to take place in, and there are investors and fans chomping at the bit for it to take place. On top of this, there is also a legal obligation for the meeting to take place by December 31 – how close to the deadline can they possibly leave it?

As long as those currently Rangers continue to delay the AGM, the more speculation can be allowed to build. As frustration builds, so does the gossip. Are they holding it off to hope apathy sets in to a vociferous fan base? Is it a case of waiting to see if the board and their PR team can try to build up any form of support? Could it even be to wait until the AIM lock on the 1p shares is over?

Fans can only speculate and whilst doing so any lingering support for the current regime only wanes. The defence is getting futile and the arguments more entrenched.

Malcolm Murray may divide the support base for a number of reasons, and some of those reasons may well be justified. However, this does not make his concerns any less valid, and simply deflecting to other claims made about his time at the club are nothing more than cheap attempts to hide from the facts. It's exactly the sort of reaction Brian Stockbridge was hoping for when he regrettably let slip his video of Malcolm on the town.

There are currently four businessmen with the interests of Rangers at heart primed and waiting to enter the fray; to get the proverbial search under the bonnet so the healing process for this Club can begin.

The quicker this is voted on the better, surely?