31 December 2013

Your CRO Top 10 of 2013

Here at the CRO we pride ourselves on bringing you plenty of bullshit throughout the year. Seeing as 2013 was our first full year in service it goes that it was our best. Thanks for that, all of you who read, listen, tweet, email and generally love/hate us.

Here are your 10 favorite stories of 2013:

1. Andy McGowan blew the cover off some of Rangers most long-held traditions.

2. Shane Nicholson beat the Scottish media to the story on a little prick from Harthill.

3. Chris Graham suffered through five minutes with Graham Spiers.

4. Ex-CROner Bill McMurdo got Channel 4's Alex Thomson to tell us about his toys.

5. Shane figured out where 14,982 Rangers fans had disappeared to.

6. Andy McKellar took in the August fans meeting.

7. Chris asked why NOMAD #3 was dragging their feet with Dave King.

8. Alan Clark made sure it was clear the SFA works with a pair of rule books.

9. Guest Ross EJ Hendry took principled man Imran Ahmad to task over a few glasses.

10. And Shane looked at the continued obsession over the greatest club in the world.

Bonus: Your favorite CROpod for the year was early August's 'CROpod: What in the hell?'

And your favorite Youtube clip of the year was, of course, the Crazy Daniel story.

See you in 2014.

Rangers in 2013: AGMs, EGMs & Acrimony

Guest Graham Taylor looks back on a tumultuous 2013 for Rangers...

23 December 2013

Democracy rules?

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

Democracy comes in many shapes and sizes, many of which are far from perfect. In the wake of last week’s AGM there have been some funny definitions of democracy going around lately.

Last Thursday’s AGM saw all of the Board retain their positions with varying degree of backing between 65% (Brian Stockbridge) and 85% (Graham Wallace) of the votes cast.

The requisitioners race is seemingly run. They have taken around 30% of the vote, but as it stands will take no place on the Board. This is not democracy if your definition is one person one vote. There are private funds and trusts, hedge funds and investment funds involved. Due to the nature of the timing and trading of the investments in Rangers in the past 18 months, the percentage of the votes you have has no direct link to the money you have put into the Club.

20 December 2013

We Want Our Rangers Back, Don't We?

by Andy McKellar | Deputy Editor

Throughout the turmoil and chaos of recent months and years the Rangers support have stood firm, loyally following our team in tremendous fashion despite our lower league status. If there was a silver lining to all of the unfortunate happenings at our great club it has undoubtedly been the fans and their unwavering support for an institution which was left on its knees. Sadly however our loyalty has not brought us influence or the power to be heard within the corridors of Ibrox. As things stand we are but mere customers, isolated and looking on from the outside.

16 December 2013

For the Badge, Not the Money

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

At around midnight this past Sunday night, there was a small stir across social media.

The news that Ally McCoist was set to proxy his 1.54% stakes in RIFC, plc to the East Kilbride Rangers Supporters Club broke through the Scottish Daily Mail and quickly spread.

Admittedly, it wasn’t earth-shattering; to hundreds of millions that use social media, the vast majority went untouched. However, to a small band of Rangers fans, it was the heartening boost we have all needed.

Stumbling Sandy Swings and Misses on STV

Our Chris Graham breaks down Sandy Easdale’s recent interview performances and raises the red flag on questions left unanswered yet again by the current board and their partners...

14 December 2013

Beyond the reach of the Law

by D'Artagnan | Guest Contributor

Doncaster rued his bad luck. “Why didn’t Regan draw the short straw?” he asked himself. But this was no time for What ifs? — he had drawn the short straw and now had to deliver the poison chalice to the master.

12 December 2013

The Rangers AGM: Far from a foregone conclusion

by Graham Taylor | Guest Contributor

We are only 7 days away from a defining Annual General Meeting (AGM) that will shape the course of things to come for Rangers Football Club. The result of the AGM itself will not immediately resolve any of the major issues that have dogged the club in recent times or bring unity and stability to a divided shareholding base, but it will give fans an idea of what route the club will take to address the financial shortfall that is anticipated to arise sometime in the spring.

08 December 2013

A day in the life of the Monifieth Loyal

by D'Artagnan | Guest Contributor

I broke with personal tradition yesterday - more due to advancing years than a change of belief. The benefits of the local supporters bus over my own transport had been well argued with an old colleague I bumped into at Gayfield the week before.

If I'm honest my increasing propensity for falling asleep at will had made the solitary drive north post match something of a health and safety issue.

Having made the necessary arrangements with the Monifieth Loyal bus, come Saturday morning I made my way early to the designated pick up point. Much too early in fact. For those who don't know Dundee the Kingsway is the main arterial route through the city for those heading north or south.

05 December 2013

Exclusive: CRO talks with board nominee Scott Murdoch

The CRO's Chris Graham chats with board nominee Scott Murdoch about last week's fans meeting, his thoughts on the current board, the investors who backed the EGM, and more...

Jon Daly: Dublin Lad, Rangers Man

by David Fyfe | Guest Contributor

There were many who questioned the arrival of Jon Daly at Ibrox during the summer transfer window, none more so than the Scottish media who seemed keen to raise the old issue in what they regarded as the “elephant in the room” which was an Irishman playing for Rangers.

As we all know this has been a total non-issue particularly due to the fact that he is not the first player from the Irish Republic to have represented Rangers and even if, for a moment, we were to pretend it was, the striker's performances so far this season would have gone a long way to blowing any critics out of the water.

02 December 2013

It's not cool

At the end of Rangers' 2-0 Scottish Cup victory away to Falkirk, a "pyrotechnic device" was thrown onto the pitch, causing significant damage. Rangers will now be billed for the damage, which some say could run into six figures. Guest contributor Scott Ferguson has this short but effective message...

01 December 2013

Rangers First

by Andy McGowan | Contributor

The Ibrox civil war has been a minefield of torturous statements, claim and counter claim, hypocrisy in spades and laboured Game of Thrones metaphors. The AGM – the light at the end of the tunnel is nearly here, for the rank and file Rangers supporter it is the most anticipated date this December.

Both sides of the divide will be looking for an early Christmas present but the reality is everyone is getting a lump of coal. The AGM is a false dawn, it’s not the end it’s the beginning. The beginning of a new battle in what will be an on-going and ever more damaging battle for the club that has to be stopped from truly getting out of control, if it hasn’t already.