31 December 2013

Your CRO Top 10 of 2013

Here at the CRO we pride ourselves on bringing you plenty of bullshit throughout the year. Seeing as 2013 was our first full year in service it goes that it was our best. Thanks for that, all of you who read, listen, tweet, email and generally love/hate us.

Here are your 10 favorite stories of 2013:

1. Andy McGowan blew the cover off some of Rangers most long-held traditions.

2. Shane Nicholson beat the Scottish media to the story on a little prick from Harthill.

3. Chris Graham suffered through five minutes with Graham Spiers.

4. Ex-CROner Bill McMurdo got Channel 4's Alex Thomson to tell us about his toys.

5. Shane figured out where 14,982 Rangers fans had disappeared to.

6. Andy McKellar took in the August fans meeting.

7. Chris asked why NOMAD #3 was dragging their feet with Dave King.

8. Alan Clark made sure it was clear the SFA works with a pair of rule books.

9. Guest Ross EJ Hendry took principled man Imran Ahmad to task over a few glasses.

10. And Shane looked at the continued obsession over the greatest club in the world.

Bonus: Your favorite CROpod for the year was early August's 'CROpod: What in the hell?'

And your favorite Youtube clip of the year was, of course, the Crazy Daniel story.

See you in 2014.