29 January 2014

The Continental Blueprint

by Jamie Currie | Guest Contributor

In the last 18-month period, it is fair to say the football at Rangers has been a sideshow to the off-field issues inside the boardroom. A massive opportunity has been missed on the playing side of things to bring through the youth as the spine of the side and re-invent the style of play and overall footballing philosophy of the club, right from the first-team squad to the lowest age group of youths.

After much thought and deliberation about it, I feel the director of football model with a head coach is the best model to take the club forward concerning the football side of the business. This would allow the director of football to oversee the scouting department – if there ever comes a time were we employ a scouting team. In addition; oversee the youth sides, with the soul focus of bringing players through with the opportunity to get into the first team over winning the youth trophies.

Your thoughts: Lee Wallace to be sold for £1.4m

We asked you your opinion on the rumour of Lee Wallace being sold for £1.4m. Here are some responses:

28 January 2014

The Silence Of The Succulent Lambs

by D'Artagnan | Guest Contributor

Let Graham explain – he was actually there, after all: “Succulent lamb journalism means a culture – and I hold my hand up here too – a culture of sycophantic, unquestioning, puff journalism that went on around Rangers generally and Sir David Murray particularly.” 
Of course you’ll see it to some degree across sport, across football. But it was, many Glasgow journalists say, more damaging here. 
“Look,” says Graham “Selective Amnesia” Spiers, “you are making a pact with the devil if you like. You get thrown the best scraps. You get something for the back page or whatever. But there’s a tacit deal. You don’t dig too deep. You don’t cause any trouble. 
–Alex Thomson, Saturday 24 Mar 2012

It seems like the succulent lamb has moved fields. I doubt there would be many Rangers supporters who, after what has transpired over the last three years, who would suggest some of the articles written about our club were merely “puff journalism”.

Fan ownership – The Pompey way

by Alex Oliver | Contributor

Valentine’s Day 2012 is not one fondly remembered by Rangers fans. It certainly was a dark day in the club’s history. Years of financial mismanagement – more specifically the actions of individuals – resulted in administration and put the entire club in jeopardy.

Portsmouth FC were quick to show compassion – on the day associated with such acts – to the stricken Glasgow giants through social networking. Twitter to be precise; which paved way to ‘#PompeyGers’. The reasoning for this perhaps boils down to an all too familiar tale experienced by the south coast side.

Little under 6 years ago, Portsmouth had their big day out in Wembley for the FA Cup Final, facing Cardiff, and were 1-0 victors. Things were looking rosy for the star studded side spearheaded by the likes of Jermaine Defoe, supplemented in midfield by Nico Kranjcar and assured at the back with Sol Campbell and England number one David James.

But soon the famous Pompey bells were being drowned out by the booming of thunderous clouds lurking ominously over Fratton Park. Dark, sun-drowning clouds of debt were overhead.

27 January 2014

Acres & Hectares of confusion

By D'Artagnan | Guest Contributor

5.33 Hectares is equivalent to 13.17 acres.

7 Acres is equivalent to 2.83 hectares.

Its a strange place to start an article such as this, but it’s importance and relevance will become eminently clear in due course.

Many of you will be aware of PZJ – he is the bear who has been particularly busy on the football tax havens website investigating allegations of State Aid by Glasgow City Council. His investigations and findings proved to be the catalyst to the launch of the EU investigation into allegations of State Aid to Celtic FC.

26 January 2014

The matchday experience - Etihad vs Ibrox

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

One advantage of playing away at Forfar on a January Monday night is that you have the weekend to do other things. So I went to see Man City v Cardiff at the Etihad. Well a change is as good a rest and all that.

Now with City you are guaranteed to see a star-studded team on the park. And the stadium is modern and impressive, built for the 2002 Commonwealth Games and thereafter converted for City as they left Maine Road. Some Bears will have had a taste of the Etihad Campus back in 2008 at the UEFA Cup final. What I was most struck by last week were the facilities and experience outside the ground itself for a normal league game, the build-up was a big part of it before you even went into the stadium. It felt like a step into the future. And it is difficult not to draw a comparison with the matchday experience in and around Ibrox.

25 January 2014

A simple message...

Good riddance.

You can leave your favorite memories of our disgraced former financial director in the comments below.

24 January 2014

Situation: Abnormal

by D'Artagnan | Guest Contributor

Those of us who have been following PZJ’s investigation into allegations of State Aid offered to Celtic FC by Glasgow Greater Council will be aware of a common theme emerging – an apparent failure or reluctance by GCC to provide information relating to abnormal conditions on some of the sites surveyed.

Earlier this month I commented on the strange tale of the District Valuer brought in by Glasgow City Council to provide valuations in respect of several portions of land being considered for sale by GCC some of which were eventually sold to Celtic.

Alas it’s not only the District Valuer who is being kept in the dark with regard to these abnormal conditions but also our very own PZJ. His request for the geotechnical reports relating to the abnormal conditions present at these sites has been refused by GCC.

15 January 2014

Thye strange tale of the District Valuer

By D'Artagnan - Guest Contributor

One can understand the ire of those in the east of Glasgow, being investigated by the EU with regard to a land deal which on the face of it, looks fairly straightforward.

But scraping below the surface of this deal perhaps offers an insight into why the negotiations referred to have been described by Mr Braiden as “often acrimonious,” and perhaps further as to why certain anomalies have caught the eye of EU investigators.

13 January 2014

Buying shares in Rangers: A how-to for fans

Guest contributor Derek Miller lays out a few different options for supporters looking to purchase shares in Rangers during 2014...

06 January 2014