28 February 2014

Jack Irvine: Loyal Rangers Man (Just ask him)

We’ll just leave this here. Jack Irvine, loyal and principled Rangers man and PR guru, in his column from The Mirror, 3 June 1999. 

Is there a missing piece in the board's recent Dave King statements?

by Alan Clark | Deputy Editor

In another tumultuous week at Rangers Football Club, former director Dave King arrived back in the newspapers to discuss the board, fan revolt and other pertinent issues.

The board released several statements in response to the quotes attributed to King, and to his large statement on Wednesday.

The CRO understands that football board director Sandy Easdale had several discussions with Dave King, in which a deadline of 7 February was given by King for a response to the South Africa-based businessman.

In a question and answer with the Daily Record's Keith Jackson, Wallace said: "Dave King has not come to the club with an offer, other than an interest in participating in a future equity...Dave is not a shareholder and he has not made the club any offer of financial assistance." 

Wallace has repeatedly said no offer was made by King, this being backed up by chairman David Somers' statement on the official website. The issue here is: has Wallace told the supporters something different to what actually occurred, or was he genuinely unaware of the discussions with King?

Questions must now be raised as to why a director of the subsidiary company of Rangers International plc –a member of the "football board" which by his own admission doesn't deal with the football at all – was conversing with a potential investor and much-needed source of finance without the CEO of the company having knowledge of it.

What exactly was discussed between King and Easdale in these conversations? What was to be agreed before this 7 February deadline? These are questions that fans deserve answers to.

27 February 2014

Union of Fans Statement

Following a meeting of The Union of Fans that currently comprises representatives of the following fan groups - The Rangers Supporters Assembly, The Rangers Supporters Trust and The Rangers Supporters Association, The Blue Order, Union Bears and Sons of Struth - we would like to issue the following statement:

22 February 2014

Kenny Miller Watch – Kenny wants to stay in Vancouver

by Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

Kenny Miller wants to stay in Vancouver according to Whitecaps stringer Martin MacMahon as the former Rangers striker confirmed he is looking to extend his MLS deal beyond this June. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Kenny Miller's contract with the Vancouver Whitecaps ends in June, but he'd like to stick around for longer. 
While the 34-year-old forward has always said he would be open to the possibility of extending his stay, on Wednesday, the Scottish Designated Player was a bit more explicit about his hope of continuing his MLS adventure.

20 February 2014

Jack Irvine - Spinning Out Of Control

by Garry Carmody | Contributor

It was in such an incredibly twisted comical manner, you’d have imagined it was the beginning of a worn-out, sadistic comedy.

Once again today Jack Irvine made himself the story; and once more Jack Irvine proved why there is no place for his presence at Rangers Football Club.

19 February 2014

Meanwhile, in Bizarro World...

Cunts. Cunts everywhere.
There's now a petition to hold the Scottish Cup semi-finals at "neutral venues".  

We're assuming this has been pluralised because our good friends across town are both A) masters of context, and B) comic savants. 

Please hold your laughter to the very end of the presentation.

15 February 2014

This Is About Tomorrow

by Peter Ewart | Contributor

Holding the attention of a large gathered crowd of Rangers fans for five minutes can be a challenge. Holding it for three hours on the subject of Community Ownership and Fan Engagement given the history could be considered a minor miracle. Richard Atkinson did both admirably Friday night whilst giving us a frank and polished presentation on one vision of what fan ownership could look like if enough people get on board.

Atkinson certainly impressed. Successful in his own right outside of football he has previously been involved in the Board of St Mirren and subsequently with Supporters Direct Scotland where he volunteers his time to the assist other clubs who may be interested in the fan ownership path. The overriding message that came through was one of ‘this is possible’.

That shouldn’t come as news to any Rangers fan but I think we needed to hear it from an external source and it was massively encouraging. From the outside there is an extent of disbelief, frustration even, that such a large support hadn’t yet mobilised itself. If we are honest I don’t think the support can quite believe it hasn’t happened yet either. But it is up to us to make it happen.

13 February 2014


We're a little slow here while our remodel continues but our own Chris Graham is discussing 'Roll of Dishonour – Celtic's Shame' over at The Rangers Standard. Check it out.

08 February 2014

Glass half full

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

I don't know how or why or when I ended up in this position I'm in - I'm starting to feel distant again.
So I decided just to pick this pen up and try to make an attempt to vent...but I just can't admit
or come to grips with the fact that I may be done with rap...ok you got me – I’ve stole these lyrics from a well know chainsaw wielding blonde haired American white rapper.

Yeah I listen to rap – I’m in my thirties but I’m not dead you know. Although my description is probably a lil dated as I’m sure Eminem now has black hair and is a bit more of a diet coke version of his former self these days.

Anyway I digress.

01 February 2014

Jack Irvine's Wild Friday Nights

By Shane Nicholson | Executive Editor

It's a bit odd the old voices backing "the board" (even though it has reshaped itself drastically since last autumn) have suddenly come back to life. Even funnier is that the response seems to be as a result of people calling out PR gurus over their sudden change of heart in regards to Ally McCoist. Couldn't have anything to do with the manager proxying his votes or asking some hard questions of where the money has gone, could it?

Anyway, we know representatives of the board and our former finance director Mr Stockbridge in particular like to express their intent of supposed forthcoming legal action at the weekend. Hell, we know Jack likes to spend his time writing absurdly long statements and following them up with tweets to the Texas Rangers baseball club on Friday nights.

But, by the grace of good fortune, today we are allowed a prime example of just where the money of Rangers supporters is going in terms of PR and media relations "on behalf" of the Club.