08 February 2014

Glass half full

by Scott Ferguson | Guest Contributor

I don't know how or why or when I ended up in this position I'm in - I'm starting to feel distant again.
So I decided just to pick this pen up and try to make an attempt to vent...but I just can't admit
or come to grips with the fact that I may be done with rap...ok you got me – I’ve stole these lyrics from a well know chainsaw wielding blonde haired American white rapper.

Yeah I listen to rap – I’m in my thirties but I’m not dead you know. Although my description is probably a lil dated as I’m sure Eminem now has black hair and is a bit more of a diet coke version of his former self these days.

Anyway I digress.

However I can still relate to these lyrics as the trials and tribulations at Ibrox these past two years have been draining. What began under the banner of ‘This is fun!’ has become more of good old fashioned Scottish slog.

Don’t get me wrong – the passion for Rangers hasn’t been affected but I have been becoming impatient.

Whether it is boardroom problems, financial rapists, journalistic smugness, obsessed green and white wearing dunderheids or bickering fans it’s all just become so fucking tiresome.

But I just can't sit back and wallow in my own sorrow (I wonder how many of these I can get in?) As I was reminded tonight that it’s not always going to be this way. Yeah it was only a home game versus Dunfermline but watching a game that actually meant something more than going 35 points clear was refreshing.

I imagine this can at least in some capacity explain the recent lacklustre performances of our team. It’s plain to see by the ever increasing empty seats at our home games that others share this feeling – to think for a second the players wouldn’t or shouldn’t be affected would simply be ignorant.

Tonight in a game where two teams in all circumstances began at 0-0 the difference in the motivation in our players was as obvious as a brick to the face. You can of course scream from the rooftops that professional players on good wages shouldn’t suffer from a lack of motivation but unfortunately life simply isn’t that simple.

Like the players, it appears as if I need that spark to get psyched back up (yup, another one) however the reaction of the players furthers my belief that this team will indeed raise their game the higher we climb through the divisions.

We are of course accustomed to seeing fantastic players grace the Ibrox turf – the Laudrups, Gazzas and Jelavics of this world are one tough act to follow.

Patience is key here.

Nobody asked for life to deal us with these bullshit hands we're dealt, (stop it!) but we are nearing the end of this climb back to the top – the glass at least to me is beginning to look half full instead of half empty.

One point though is the one guy I haven’t seen suffer a lack of motivation or suffering from disinterest or impatience is Ally McCoist. He celebrates every goal as if we were in the Champions League – to me that is simply incredible.

So let’s quit the bickering and the laptop football manager careers and just get on what we do best – support our team.

The haters, the financial rapists and Dunderheids in Donegal well...

They can all get fucked.

Note – I didn’t intend to write this channelling an Eminem song (not even one of his good ones) – but sometimes well as we are only too aware...shit happens.