28 February 2014

Jack Irvine: Loyal Rangers Man (Just ask him)

We’ll just leave this here. Jack Irvine, loyal and principled Rangers man and PR guru, in his column from The Mirror, 3 June 1999. 

Don Row Smacks Of Hypocrisy

SHOCK! Horror! Rangers fan sings The Sash. Forgive me if I vomit at the stench of hypocrisy surrounding the Donald Findlay affair.

Many people have long thought that the Ibrox vice-chairman was an anti-catholic bigot.

Presumably the Rangers board were aware of this. If they weren’t, they are either remarkably stupid or unbelievably arrogant.

Even before he took on the vice-chairmanship of Rangers, wasn’t the highlight of Findlay’s New Year house parties to give The Sash big licks in front of his guests, many of them embarrassed Catholics and fellow lawyers.

Did the Law Society or the Faculty of Advocates take action. No way.

Indeed, one reeled at the Faculty’s myopia when they ruled out an inquiry earlier this week and stated: “No complaint has been made at the moment against Mr Findlay. The Faculty’s procedure involves a complaint being made against a member and that hasn’t happened yet.”

This is a strange viewpoint from a body which scours the newspapers to check whether journalists have transgressed the laws of libel and contempt by the most minute margins. Could they perchance have missed the Findlay story on pages 1 through to 64?

Sadly for the ostriches in the Faculty it now appears that they have received telephone complaints with letters to follow. Get out of that m’learned friends.

The truth of the matter is that both the Rangers board and the legal bodies are guilty of gross hypocrisy.

They were willing to turn a blind eye to Findlay’s antics. It was only when a newspaper splashed him all over the front page that they realised they too are now compromised. The game was up and the hypocrites started mouthing platitudes about how a man like Findlay couldn’t be allowed to sully the fine name of Rangers, which as everybody knows is doing its best to root out sectarianism.

Aye, sure. What’s that they sing on the terracing nowadays - Julie Andrews’ greatest hits?

I don’t know how much Findlay was paid by Rangers but it would be a nice gesture if his director’s fees were sent to the family of murdered Celtic fan Thomas McFadden.

It won’t bring Thomas back but it would at least be a concrete gesture. 

One last point which intrigues me. Somebody shopped Donald Findlay over his broken romance with TV journalist Paddy Christie. Somebody shopped him over his antics at the Edmiston Suite. I’m no criminal lawyer Donald, but tell me, do you think somebody’s got a grudge against you?

Can you imagine it?! A party shopping one's name around to pursue a vendetta?! And Jack speaks on this as if he's discussing it from a position of authority, as if he's practiced such tactics before. SHOCK! Horror!

By the way, Jack, that's not a Julie Andrews tune. It's Roy Orbison they're singing these days.